Saturday, July 25, 2020

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CHRISTMAS PAWSIBILITIES (Book 4 of Aunt Maddie's Doggone Misadventures)

With their world destroyed and their space ship malfunctioning, the dogizens of Planet Canid have little choice but to crash land on Earth...into the barn next door to Aunt Maddie’s castle. 

While former playboy Ryan Madison and elfenchaun Dori plan their Christmas wedding, an online scam to help extraterrestrials has the Blue-Haired Ladies arguing about whether aliens are real. When a space ship crash lands into a neighbor's barn, Dori and Aunt Maddie help deliver the Canine Queen's puppies and hide them in their modern-day castle. 

Furious, the evil commander of the Geeks in Green tracks the aliens for tortuous experiments. Using Uncle Horace's invention of portable cloaking devices, Ryan and his zany family sneak into GIG headquarters to foil this dastardly plan while the Blue-Haired Ladies stage a Nertz tournament as a distraction.

STREET DOG DREAMS (Book 5 of Aunt Maddie's Doggone Misadventures)

Aunt Maddie’s latest misadventure takes her and Uncle Horace to an abandoned village in Sardinia, Italy in search of a new dogdom for the Royal Canines, where they become caught up in rescuing dogs captured by a crime lord who wants all the kibble for himself.

Using a retro-fitted space ship, they work cheek to jowl with their niece, who walks the streets in a dog suit to rescue street dogs who dream of home and family. 

A passionate Sardinian actress joins the rescue efforts when her beloved poodle is dognapped. She rallies her show dog friends to send the crime boss to the dog house–er, prison–and give street dogs the loving homes of their dreams. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Sun Glasses Day...
a fun day to feature
the books in my
ROCK'n'ROMANCE trilogy
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Why do people wear sunglasses? Lots of reasons, including:
  • You want to be a movie star and they all wear sunglasses.
  • You're looking to hide behind a big, dark pair of sunglasses, and travel unseen through the streets.
  • A little espionage, eh!?
  • You want to make a fashion statement.
  • And, oh yes...a few of us wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020


solstice[ sol-stis, sohl- ]
1- Astronomy. Summer solstice: 
this year on June 20, 2020 
when the sun reaches its northernmost point 
on the celestial sphere...

2 - a turning point.

Book 4 of the Bernie's Legacy Series
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Also available in print

Excerpt from Chasing the Legacy

Layla tossed the stick across the green expanse of lawn beside Waring House. The raggedy but clean brown dog dashed after it, brought it back and dropped it at Layla's feet. Then sat and cocked her head expectantly. With a soft laugh, Layla tore off another chunk of the sandwich and fed it to Solstice, then threw the stick again. 

In the few days the dog had been with Layla, they had relaxed into an easy companionship of finishing the set-up Layla's print shop area interspersed with frequent play breaks. 

And Layla had come up with a name for the dog: Solstice. 

During one of their play breaks, Beth arrived. "You have a dog!" 

Beth's warm voice and delighted smile brought the brown mixed breed dog waggling cautiously toward her. 

A hitch developed in Layla's breathing as she stared at Beth's belly. Where her pregnancy would soon start to show. "She adopted me when we were in Baker City. I named her Solstice." 

"As in summer solstice?" 

"As in a turning point. She didn't have a home and I haven't had a dog in awhile. Thought it was a good deal for both of us."

Copyright Genie Gabriel

Friday, April 24, 2020

Dogs Have Sniffed Their Way Into My Books


No surprise most of my books feature dogs
(and other animals!).

The first book I wrote, The Rock Star, 
featured a Border Collie mix inspired by 
my own dog of the same breed. 

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The Rock Star 

The second book of this trilogy, The Bodyguard,
featured "a dog. Perhaps crossed with a shaggy, blond bear."
Ironically, a dog matching this description
showed up at the humane society where I worked--
after that book was written.

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The Bodyguard 

The Leader of the Band, the third book of the Rock'n'Romance
trilogy featured a cat--but one with a distinct personality as well...

The cat raced out of the room and back down the stairs. 
Lauren found it sitting in the kitchen. 
The cat glanced at Lauren, then stared pointedly at the cabinet.
"You charge uninvited into my house and expect me to feed you?"
The cat meowed plaintively without moving its gaze from the cabinet.
A good look at the cat swayed Lauren’s decision. 
Its coat was a dull orange and ratty-looking, 
with tufts of fur gone in places. 
One ear was jagged on top, as if a foe 
had chewed off part of it in a fight.

Of course, as our hero and heroine transform their lives,
the cat also transforms...

The cat was no longer the mangy critter 
that had shown up at the Victorian house a few weeks ago. 
Its fur had grown in thickly and 
its belly had become slightly rounded. 

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The Leader of the Band 

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Fur against my face...

(continued from last week)
Fur against my face and 
the soft smell of a dog 
curled protectively around me
 existed before my first memories of this life.

Mom used to tell stories of me as a toddler, sleeping with my head pillowed on our Collie’s belly; of my brave furry protector forcing an uncle back into his car because I was outside without a parent. Never mind we lived out in the country where only relatives or nearby neighbors came to visit. Tippy took his duties seriously, and executed them well. For ten years, he was a companion, a pillow, and a protector.

Though I didn’t realize it at the time, Tippy was the beginning of my life-long love of dogs, and set the standard for all the furbabies who would be part of my journey.
(copyright Genie Gabriel from I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog)

My Collie Chronicles series was inspired
by the Collies who have guided my life.
The first two books of this series
are available in digital formats or print,
with a third book being written.
Print books: 
More Than Just a Dog (book 1) $5.49
More Than a Star Traveler (book 2) $6.49

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Twelve years ago in April, 
came into being.

Currently, I live with eight dogs
(and sometimes ten!) who have rescued me.
It is our dream to move to acreage.
But for now, we live, love and heal
in a doggie sanctuary in the city. 

This book tells the beginning of our journey.
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