Monday, October 16, 2017


Have you ever owned a mechanical dog? My dogs have all been alive and furry, but the mechanical dogs in CHASING RAINBOWS were a fun addition to this story.

Digital version only 99 cents

"Do you remember the mechanical dogs Uncle Horace made for us?”

“Mmm.” Ryan took a bite of his cereal. 

“They walked and barked. Not like a real dog with fur to bury your face in, but no one else had a dog like ours. Uncle Horace is transforming mine into a new invention. What happened to yours?”

Instead of answering, Ryan changed the subject.

When Ian reached the foot of the stairs, the old man glanced up from a beeping metal creation he had been poking with a screwdriver. When Ian drew closer, he realized it was a mechanical dog. "What can I do for you, son?" 
"I'm looking for Madelaine Ainsworth." Ian raised his voice to be heard over the noise. 
"What did you say your name was?" The older man poked at the buzzing metal creature, and it threw sparks at him. 
"MacGregor. Ian MacGregor." He wondered if there was a fire extinguisher nearby in case the contraption burst into flames. 
"MacGregor, eh? I'm Horace Ainsworth." Horace tightened several bolts and rearranged a coil of wire on the side of the dog. Abruptly, the buzzing stopped. 
"Aha!" Horace cried triumphantly. He patted the little dog fondly and turned his attention to Ian. "So, Mr. MacGregor, what can I do for you?" 
She was slowly circling the turret when Ian rejoined her, fingers tracing the life-sized mural that wrapped around the room. "Aunt Maddie painted this the first summer we were here--after Daddy died. I got to help her." 
The mural was painted from the perspective of a princess surveying her domain out the window of the castle. The picture featured muscled oxen pulling wooden carts while sturdy peasants in rough clothing toiled just beyond the courtyard. A knight in silver armor galloped across the drawbridge on a white charger. And above it all, a multi-colored rainbow stretched across the sky, its bow coming to rest inside the castle walls. 

Rissa's hand lingered on the rainbow as she smiled wistfully. "She said rainbows are everywhere, you just have to look for them. So we did. Up in the hills, over at the coast--even at night. We even named our mechanical dogs Rainbow One and Rainbow Two. Surprised they didn’t rust when we were looking for rainbows. Aunt Maddie would open the sun roof in the pouring rain and ask if we could see the rainbows across the moon." 
© Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel

Digital version only 99 cents

Friday, October 13, 2017


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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Of personal interest to me, October has been designated as:
Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month (by ASPCA)
Adopt a Dog Month (by American Humane Association)
National Animal Safety and Protection Month
National Pit Bull Awareness Month

All my current dogs have been adopted--
one from a friend and some from the shelter. 
Two others were rescued when mistreated/abandoned. 
One is a pit bull; another a pit bull mix.
And my Quantum Canines organization 
has been a sanctuary for a number of 
dogs who needed a safe place--
for either a short time or the rest of their lives. 

So my doggie herd and I are celebrating all month long!


At one time, I was known as 
the lady with black dogs. 
All three of these beautiful black furbabies
have earned their angel wings now.
Most of the doggies who have come to me
are other colors now, 
but I still share space with two smaller black dogs. 

Just like a basic black dress for a woman,
a black dog (or two or more) is a must-have!

Saturday, September 30, 2017


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More Than Just a Dog

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Monday, September 25, 2017


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Collies, star gates and mothers with shotguns!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

More Than Just a Dog by Genie Gabriel     

More Than Just a Dog

by Genie Gabriel

Giveaway ends September 30, 2017.
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Friday, September 22, 2017



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Monday, September 18, 2017


Let this be your lucky Monday!
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Collies, star gates and mothers with shotguns!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

More Than Just a Dog by Genie Gabriel

More Than Just a Dog

by Genie Gabriel

Giveaway ends September 30, 2017.
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Friday, September 15, 2017


Over thirty authors; over 100 prizes
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Friday, September 1, 2017


I admit it: I have a sweet tooth--actually, several of them--and, if it's not chocolate goodies, I've been known to share with my herd of doggies. So how could I resist becoming one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Reviews CUPCAKES & BOOKS Scavenger Hunt to help promote the release of my latest book, MORE THAN JUST A COLLIE?

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Yes, I'm still celebrating the release of the first book in The Collie Chronicles, MORE THAN JUST A DOG. I volunteered, fostered and worked at my local humane society. In addition, many of my own doggie herd came from a shelter or just needed a home. So organizations that help animals hold a very special place in my heart. 

What better way to say thank you than giving a gift to an animal-related organization that does the sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes rewarding-to-the-point-of-tears-and-cheers work of forging a better life for animals one adoption at a time? 

However, it's tough to choose just one deserving organization. So I had my doggie herd choose!

Along with a couple of my favorite animal shelters (Willamette Humane Society <> in Salem, Oregon and Greenhill Humane Society <> in Eugene, Oregon) the following animal-related organizations were entered in the drawing for a $100 donation from Quantum Canines:

--SPCA OF TEXAS <> for their assistance in helping pets after flooding in Houston, Texas related to Hurricane Harvey.

--ANI-CARE ANIMAL SHELTER <> in Ontario, OR for taking in 37 dogs (plus a litter of newborn puppies) from an Idaho hoarding case.

--EVERETT (Washington) ANIMAL SHELTER <> for sheltering a dog named Trouble--such a sweet soul--when his owner could no longer care for him.

--BEST FRIENDS SANCTUARY OF UTAH <> for their "Save them all" campaign and the work they do to make this a reality

--BRIGHTHAVEN <> in Santa Rosa, California for their use of Reiki energy healing and other natural methods in their work focusing on senior and disabled animals, as well as the many programs they offer.

---HOMESTEAD VETERINARY CLINIC/LAST CHANCE CLUB <> and the amazing Dr. Arlene Brooks, who performed miracle surgery for Batman, my second foster dog, who became one of my beloved furbabies. Dr. B has since performed hundreds of surgeries at cost for animal rescues and shelters.  

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Today is the final day to nominate your favorite animal shelter/ rescue/ organization for a chance to win a $100 donation from Quantum Canines.

My herd of doggies will be drawing the winning entry tonight before they cuddle up in our wall-to-wall bed and go to sleep (11ish PDT). Then I'll post the winner and get a check in the mail to the animal organization that is selected!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Like many others, I see the irony in my home state of Oregon ablaze with wild fires and Texas areas around the Gulf Coast inundated with rain from Hurricane Harvey. A number of Oregon animal-related organizations are in the drawing for a chance to win $100 donation for the invaluable work they do to help animals. 

I am touched by the photos and video coming out of the Houston, Texas area and pleased to see the efforts to make sure pets are safe seems much more organized than in previous disasters. Here's what the web site of the SPCA of Texas <> said. "The SPCA of Texas is prepared to intake up to 300 animals affected by Hurricane Harvey if needed, and will evaluate capacity on a daily basis after that. This transfer frees up space in animal shelter facilities to make more room for animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey."

In sympathy and support of this area, I am adding the SPCA of Texas <> to my list of organizations in the running for a $100 donation. 


Ani-Care Animal Shelter <> in Ontario, Oregon came to my attention with a news article in the Malheur Enterprise newspaper that the shelter had taken on 37 dogs removed from a hoarding situation, including a pregnant dog who gave birth to six puppies while at a vet clinic. 

After another shelter refused to take the dogs unless the owners gave up ownership, the sheriff's department contacted Ani-Care, who immediately agree. The dogs won't be available for adoption until ownership is legally determined. 

Until then, the shelter is looking for donations to help care for these dogs. So Ani-Care Animal Shelter goes in the doggie dish for a chance to win a $100 donation from Quantum Canines. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017


I first became aware of Everett (Washington) Animal Shelter <> when I was looking for Trouble. That was the name of a senior dog who found himself at the shelter when his owners could no longer care for him.

Since I received the gift of communicating with animals, I've learned their names are very important to them, and I contacted the shelter to express my concern that the name, "Trouble," might be a detriment to this dog. They responded quickly with the explanation this boy had been through enough upheaval and didn't want to add a name change to that. I was impressed with their professionalism and obvious concern for this dog.

With that in mind, Everett Animal Shelter goes in the doggie bowl for a chance to win a $100 donation from Quantum Canines.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


National Dog Day is today, August 26, 2017! 

The web site <> of this holiday states this day "celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed and serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, either from public shelters, rescues and pure breed rescues. National Dog Day honors family dogs and dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort. Dogs put their lives on the line every day - for their law enforcement partner, for their blind companion, for the disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting bombs and drugs and pulling victims of tragedy from wreckage."

I can certainly join in celebrating dogs of all breeds and sizes!

National Dog day is also debuting a new short film, "Beneath the Fur," on August 26th. 

If you love dogs, check this out!

Friday, August 25, 2017


The vision of Greenhill Humane Society, SPCA (Eugene, Oregon) <> is "a community in which all companion animals have loving homes and are treated with compassion and respect." 

I was delighted when I discovered the connection of a high school friend to Greenhill Humane Society, and began following posts shared on social media of pets available for adoption. 

A visit to Greenhill's web site revealed many of the same services offered by the humane society in my city: no time limit on how long an animal can stay at the shelter; a cadre of volunteers to help staff exercise, play with and love the animals; foster care; spay/neuter programs; partnerships with other shelters and rescue groups to find permanent homes for pets; community connections for special fundraising events, off-site adoptions; medical rehab and behavior programs; and much more. Greenhill also operates 1st Avenue Shelter in Eugene. 

For the past 7 years, Greenhill has successfully saved approximately 90 percent or more of the animals who came into their care. 

I'm impressed by their services and, of course, have fallen in love with many of the animal faces I've seen on their web site. So the name of this shelter goes into the doggie bowl for a chance to win a $100 donation from Quantum Canines.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Today's blog tour stops:

I so much appreciate these fellow authors taking the time and effort to support the release of my latest book, MORE THAN JUST A DOG!


This article from Dr. Dennis Thomas talks about pet health insurance and beyond...touching on practical, preventative ways to improve your pet's health and/or keep your pet healthy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Today I'm celebrating the release of MORE THAN JUST A DOG at two blogs:


Many thanks to authors Nickie Fleming and Courtney Rene for hosting me. Stop by and say hello if you have time for a chance to win a free digital copy of this latest book!


SAVE THEM ALL--This call to action of Best Friends Sanctuary of Utah pretty much says it all for me. Some people would say this is an impossible dream. 

Here's what the Best Friends web site says about that:
"Is the goal to Save Them All realistic? Absolutely. When Best Friends was founded in 1984, some 17 million animals died every year in our nation’s shelters. Today, that number is down to about two million. We believe that by working together, we can reduce that number to zero [by 2025]. For more than 30 years, Best Friends has been working to end the killing by running innovative grassroots programs, supporting spay/neuter and trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs, promoting shelter adoptions, fighting puppy mills and breed-discriminatory laws, educating the public about animal issues, holding major adoption events, and conducting both large- and small-scale animal rescues. Best Friends also leads the No More Homeless Pets Network, which brings together more than 1,900 animal welfare organizations across the country to help save as many lives as possible. Together, we won’t stop until we Save Them All."

Angel Canyon, located in Kanab, Utah, is the home of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and nearly 1,600 homeless animals. Their web site is <>.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


BrightHaven is a holistic animal sanctuary, hospice, rescue and education center focusing on senior and special needs animals, which was founded in 1990 by Richard and Gail Pope. I heard about Brighthaven from my Animal Reiki teacher, who conducts many classes there. When I started thinking of setting up my own sanctuary, I contacted Gail Pope and was immediately impressed by her graciousness and knowledge.

BrightHaven is located in Santa Rosa in beautiful Northern California, north of San Francisco. Please check out their web site <> if you would like to know more about them.

Brighthaven does so much of what I want to do with a sanctuary, earning this organization a place in the doggie bowl for a chance to win a $100 donation from Quantum Canines.

Throughout the month of August, 
YOU can nominate your favorite
animal shelter/rescue/organization
for a chance to win a $100 donation 
from Quantum Canines.
Just leave a comment on
this blog naming that organization.
The drawing will be held on August 31.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


My first contact with the amazing Dr. Arlene Brooks was when I was working at Willamette Humane Society and also fostering dogs. My second foster was a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier/Pitbull mix who needed a place to recuperate from a broken leg. 

I didn't realize the extent of the surgery until I took Batman back for his five-week check-up. A piece of the femur bone had been broken off at the top, so Dr. B had removed that chip of bone and fashioned the cartilage into a new joint. The bone had started to calcify, so she figured his leg had been broken for months before he was picked up as a stray. He was surgery #9 of the hundreds of procedures she has since done for animal rescues and shelters. 

I adopted Batman, who fully recovered and went on to many misadventures. He's now eleven and a half years old, and has slowed down some, but I will always be grateful to Dr. Brooks for giving Batman another chance at a full life.

I later learned from a friend that Dr. B had formed Homestead Veterinary Clinic Last Chance Club (HVC-LCC) to bring vet medical care to as many cases as possible by using “rescue costs” and donated free veterinary services. Their Facebook page is <>. 

HVC-LCC goes in the bowl as another animal-related organization that could win a $100 donation from me at the end of August in a random drawing by my dogs.

for a chance to win $100 donation in a drawing on August 31.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


My latest book, More Than Just a Dog, is available!

With a Collie, star gates, and a shotgun-toting mother, I had great fun writing More Than Just a Dog. The digital version is at the special introductory price of 99 cents; the print version is $4.99 <>. 

I have a blog tour coming up next week featuring freebies and special appearances with my beautiful Tucker, the Collie featured on the cover of this book. Will post those blog sites each day.

Friday, August 11, 2017


The first animal shelter I'm spotlighting this month is Willamette Humane Society <> in Salem, Oregon. I've volunteered for WHS, fostered dogs, worked for them, and adopted a number of dogs from this shelter. Guess it's pretty obvious why a piece of my heart still belongs to Willamette Humane Society.

Ace was my first shelter dog, way back before WHS built their new building. With one look into the golden eyes of this Border Collie mix, I knew he was smarter than most humans. 

But he was hungry! We had a package of graham crackers on the dashboard of the car the day we adopted him. Those were gone in less than a minute. For the next thirteen years he lived with us, he continued his passion for food, and showed me without a doubt that some of the best dogs come from the shelter. 

So Willamette Humane Society goes in the bowl as one of the animal shelters/rescues/organizations that could win a $100 donation from me at the end of August in a random drawing by my dogs.

for a chance to win $100 donation in a drawing on August 31.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


No matter your reaction to them, you probably know when your birthday is. 

But most shelter dogs don't show up with a birth certificate. So the North Shore Animal League America declared August 1 as a birthday for all the shelter animals whose birthdays are unknown. 

I want to expand on this celebration of shelter dogs and the release of my upcoming book on August 15. So throughout the month of August, I'll be spotlighting positive things done by animal shelters/ rescues/ organizations on this blog. 

I'll feature several of my own favorites, but I want to hear about your favorite animal-related organization too!

At the end of the month, my doggies will randomly select one of these organizations to receive a donation from me. Thanks to a special friend and her (now) angel dog for introducing me to this fun way to do a drawing. I write the names on pieces of paper and have my dogs draw one. It's a bit more challenging with multiple dogs, but I'll try to keep Batman from eating the papers before I can read the name. :)

If you want your favorite animal shelter/rescue/organization spotlighted and considered for a donation, please add that name to the comments along with its city and state, and your personal experience or contact with that organization. If you'd rather send that info to me privately, please let me know so we can connect.

Happy DOGust!!

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Arriving on Earth
August 15, 2017...
Three generations of independent women, 
driven in different directions by one man’s anger. 
Until his death reconnects them 
with their mystical Irish ancestors and 
wonders beyond this limited human existence.

The Collie Chronicles is a new book series I am writing 
that combines several of the passions in my life: 
Collies, of course! and other beings in the form of animals.
Growing to be self-sufficient.
A curiosity about things most people don't believe are possible.

The first book, MORE THAN JUST A DOG,
will be released on August 15, 2017.

And, yes, that is my beloved Tucker on the cover of this book.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Saturday was a major grooming day for Tucker. After a couple weeks of summer weather, he is seriously shedding that woolly Collie undercoat--with my help. We usually do this in stages. Though Tucker is one of the sweetest and most patient dogs I've ever been around, he will only tolerate me grooming him for so long before he says that's enough!

We've done a couple other grooming sessions over the past few weeks and removed enough fur for a herd of Chihuahuas. However, yesterday Tucker knew I was focused on getting rid of excess fur and finding any trouble spots on his skin.

I don't use chemical flea treatments on my dogs. However, using natural repellants to keep insect critters off my dogs does take more time and attention. If I'm not vigilant, we'll be fine one day and the next seem overrun with the wee beasties. 

Over several hours, I brushed out the majority of Tucker's undercoat--enough for several dozen Chihuahuas this time! We took a break for dinner, then into the bathtub for the shampoo and rinse. 

When his fur dried, he was still fluffy, but seemed thinner. Wish I could look thinner just by having my hair trimmed and styled! 

Not from Tucker, but
from a grooming session
with my Cocker Spaniel.
~ Brushing can be fun! Especially in the butt area. :)
~ We don't mind if you forget to clean the ears. 
~ Ditto with nail trimming. 
~ Well, maybe a little if you tell me again what a good boy I am or how smart I am or what good kisses I give. 
~ In the bathtub? With water? Shouldn't water be in puddles or mixed with dirt?

~ Always finish a grooming session with tummy rubs or, even better, a full-body massage!

Saturday, July 1, 2017


In case it's not obvious,
that's me on the left and Tucker on the right. :)
Fur against my face and the soft smell of a dog curled protectively around me existed before my first memories of this life. My mom used to tell stories of me as a toddler, sleeping with my head pillowed on our Collie’s belly...
"Collies will carry a special message for you...You will feel drawn to them, and they will appear at critical times to guide and support you." --Woofs of Wisdom from Tippy

Tippy was the first Collie to support me in this life. Then Duke came as a reminder that Collies were still watching over me. Duncan was a Collie mix. Ace was a Border Collie. Now I share my life with Tucker, another rough-coated Collie, same as my childhood doggie pillow and protector.

Thursday, June 29, 2017


One of the advantages of communicating with animals is the deep spiritual lessons they offer if we are willing to listen. My lessons seem to grow more intense as my doggies age--a reminder our time on this physical plane is limited. 

Since my Rascal is at the old dog stage, you might have guessed the messages he offers are more deeply spiritual. This post is rather long, but I struggled with editing it and keeping the message intact. So I'm leaving the entire message. Though meant for me personally, I hope his "woofs of wisdom" bring comfort and peace to other pet parents living with aging furbabies. 

Woofs of Wisdom from Rascal

Just because I can't see through these physical eyes doesn't mean I'm blind.

I can still feel your love.

I can still sense your frustration that all your efforts to heal my physical body don't make me a young dog any more. And that's OK. Even when our physical bodies are gone, the love will remain. Our connection will still be strong. 

We have grown in this lifetime. You and I both made mistakes that have been corrected. Though you may know in your heart that dogs are more evolved than humans, we are still on a path of learning. We have our own lessons. Perhaps on a different level or in different ways, but still we want to learn and have a variety of experiences. 

You will have those experiences too when you evolve to the point where dogs are. And you will evolve. In spite of the frustration you many times feel that you'll never get things "right." What is right? Does that mean perfect the first time with no mistakes? 

We both know that's not the case. Learning means mistakes as we figure something out for the first time. Then it takes practice, though doing the same things over and over triggers your frustration response. 

Yes, look for a different perspective. Can you find comfort in repetition? Can habits become a sacred ritual that bring the comfort you so desperately want? A consistency that seems so illusive in the chaos of this rapidly changing world. The reassurance that your dream will become reality if that is truly what you desire. 

Enjoy the routine. Take comfort in what may seem mundane and a waste of time. 
Relax. Draw out those breaths and connect with a world beyond where you are right now. 
Step into your dreams and make them a reality. Make them real. 
And now you are anxious to go. To do. To accomplish. 
I'll be here for a while longer. So go. My love will be with you, as yours is with me. 

We will be together again. We will always be connected. 

Friday, June 23, 2017


His eyes are clouded now, and sometimes he cries out softly, "Where are you, Mom? Don't leave me alone." 

He has always slept on my pillow--from the day he came to be with us. Others had given up on him, but he became part of our family of dogs and humans. 

Another doggie-being helped him heal; showed him how to trust again. He learned to make his way not with fear, but with confidence.

Many years later I became his seeing eye human. Not a burden, but an honor. 

Now that he is older and his physical body has challenges, he needs to know I am nearby. Or perhaps it is I who needs this reassurance. Put your hand on my belly and feel the steady in and out rhythm of my breathing. Touch my leg where the soft fur is growing back. Close your eyes and journey with me beyond this physical world. 

If I don't shy away; if I can step through my grief; if I can be still and connect with his spirit--I become part of the eternity of the Universe. That magical place where our hearts will always be connected. Where our souls merge in the utter timelessness of love. Where I can know the joy and peace of life with an older dog. 

Friday, June 16, 2017


A pile of Rascal's hair after
grooming and, yes, there's
still a lot of hair on the dog!
I didn’t know much of anything about Cocker Spaniels when Rascal came to stay with us. Nothing new there. I’ve brought home a number of different purebred and mixed breed dogs with little knowledge of breed characteristics. That’s not a bad thing, because I don’t have preconceived expectations, and the dogs will teach me what I need to know.

One thing I quickly learned was Cocker Spaniels have a lot of hair! Similar to sheep’s wool, but it keeps growing. We had a couple not very positive experiences with groomers, so I decided to get a pair of clippers and try haircuts at home. I like to have my Cocker Spaniel’s coat fairly short as it’s easier to keep him clean and bug-free. 

He is also prone to ear infections because of his long, floppy ears. Since he’s been abused around the head, he is very fearful of grooming in that area, but will tolerate it with love and tummy rubs.

Grooming can be a time-consuming task, but this also gives me special time alone with each furbaby. Rascal's style may not always be the prettiest, but I get most of the job done and he feels so much better afterward.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Stewart (left) knew how
to help Rascal (right)
Though he got along well with my other dogs, Rascal was terrified of most everything, and it was obvious he had been abused, especially around his head. His eyesight also wasn’t very good. You may have heard of people having wavy vision. That’s what was going on with him, so everything that approached him looked like a monster. Of course he was terrified, and biting was the only way he knew how to protect himself.

As I mentioned in one of my posts in May, my beautiful Stewart became Rascal’s therapist. Guess neither dog read the report that humans had basically thrown up their hands and didn't know how to help Rascal. However, Stewart knew what to do. Whenever Raz panicked and started biting at everything, Stewart stood over him and put him in a gentle headlock until Raz realized he was safe and no one was hurting him. When Raz calmed down, Stewart released him. It was amazing--and humbling--to watch these “therapy sessions!”

I don't think any human "intervention" could have helped Raz make such a dramatic change. He became a doggie who will stand up for himself, but isn't aggressive. As I mentioned in the previous post, that's been about eight years ago. Though he lost most of his eyesight a couple years ago--all but shapes and shadows, he says--Raz hasn't lost the lessons Stewart taught him. 

Dog to dog, miracles can happen.

Friday, June 2, 2017



I bonded with the dog who became my Rascal prior to two adoptions that didn’t work out. I had picked him up from his neuter surgery, and he rode in his kennel in the front seat beside me and pulled lots of Reiki energy. When we stopped for a bite to eat, I let him out of his kennel and he touched his nose to mine. That became our way to communicate.

I don’t know for sure what went on in his adoptive home, but I saw him when he was returned to the shelter–he tried to bite our intake worker. After a day in the shelter, he settled into being a happy dog again.

However, with his history of biting, his chances on the adoption floor were slim to nothing. He had three paws in the euthanasia room when I asked the kennel manager to give me a few days with him.

That was about eight years ago, and Rascal is still part of my herd, sleeping on my pillow like he has from the first night in our home. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


You know I’m not really gone. Our connection will not be broken by something as simple as death. Yes, Tucker and I shared the same physical body for a time. But I am eager to return in another physical form to live in peace at our farm.
All who have shared your physical lives are eager for the day when every being is as beloved as the canines who have accompanied your journey.
You feel our spirits especially strong now because the time is near. Many changes in the world have brought us to this time of birthing a new era. The separation from what many call heaven or the land across the Rainbow Bridge no longer exists. The dimensions have merged.
As you have experienced with the canine spirits who have accompanied your journey, so will others find this is true. There is no separation in the other dimensions–the dimensions where we now exist.
That is why your dreams feel so real to you. They are coming to fulfillment.
I know some of this seems outlandish even to you, who are open to so much others do not see. But you are trying to understand with your human brain that which is beyond such limited understanding. Simply continue to believe, and what you know in your heart will become a reality.

Several years after Stewart transitioned, he returned in the body of an Anatolian Shepherd named Dasha, who joined our household three years ago. 

Monday, May 29, 2017


My life changed dramatically when I studied Reiki energy healing. Soon after, when animals began talking to me, my life really went to the dogs! 

When I wrote the book, I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog, my dogs--those who had already crossed the Rainbow Bridge as well as those still living on this physical plane--gave me wonderful messages that life is much more than our five human senses can discern. Much more than our Western culture generally believes. 

Those messages spoke of connections beyond time, space, life and death. They talked about love and acceptance and love and lessons that spanned a number of lifetimes. Did I mention love? 

Our furbabies come to help us, to teach us, to protect and support us. From what animals have shared with me, they view dying much differently than most humans. When they have completed their task, they leave this physical plane. If they want to come back, they manifest a body and return. 

I've become pretty open minded about possibilities over the last decade or so. However, some of what Stewart shared still stretched the limits of my human mind. 

During our time together, Stewart confirmed what I had suspected for some time. He was Tippy--the first Collie I knew as a little girl but in a different body. And so was Duncan. What Stewart told me made sense, and verified Tippy kept his promise to be with me when I needed him most.

Tippy was with me as a Collie during my childhood abuse experiences. He came back as Duncan (a Collie/Shepherd mix) to support me when I finally disclosed my childhood abuse and the dark time of betrayal following the reaction to that revelation. Stewart arrived as a Shepherd/Black Lab mix to be with me when the foundations of my entire existence were crumbling–what I now call my meltdown of 2009.

Tippy/Duncan/Stewart also carried his own burden, which Stewart and I worked through in the week before his death. He felt smothering guilt he had not protected me from childhood abuse.

In the last intense week of his life, we both realized it was not his role to protect me, but to support me in the experiences I had chosen. And he supported me well!

That realization was good news and bad news. With the release of guilt, he could shed the physical body that had been racked with seizures. When it seemed we had found a promising treatment, my Stewart died suddenly in the midst of a seizure.

Once again I grieved the physical loss of a beloved furbaby. However, the passing of that physical body was an odd thing to grieve, because he was still with me–both spiritually and physically–in the body of Tucker, a Collie who looks like a twin to the first form Tippy took in this lifetime.