Friday, May 2, 2014


Think talking to animals is a movie myth? Not so! I've been doing it for a number of years and continue to be humbled by the wisdom and pure spirits of our furbabies. 

Even though I already communicate with animals, when I heard about an online/virtual "Speak to the Animals Summit" with 12 animal communication experts, I signed up. (Gotta admit I'm kind of addicted to these free summits.) 

Animals consistently tell me they want to communicate with their humans, but I'm not at the point of teaching others how to do it, so  I asked if I could share the information. They said yes, so here's the sales pitch: The keynote speaker is Val Heart, one of my heros in animal communication. These experts will talk about listening to and talking with animals, and share information that will help "transform your relationship with your animals, your human companions and yourself."

It's a free summit with the usual requirement of giving them your email and you receive access to bonus gifts for signing up. Replays of all the speakers will be available for 48 hours or you can buy CDs of the summit. Of course, there's an unsubscribe button on the email if you decide you don't want to do this. 

Here's the link to sign up:
***End of sales pitch.*** 

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