Saturday, May 21, 2016


The dogs at Quantum Canines do more than snuggle with humans!

My Cocker Spaniel inspired a homeless dog named Mr. Razzles, who is featured in the romantic comedy novella, No More Poodle Skirts.
Thanks to Aunt Maddie's soft heart, he doesn't stay homeless long--plus he lends a paw to capture the bad guys who threaten a boy and his mother trying to build a new life.

Digital formats are just 99 cents!
As Keller snuggled under the blankets, Mr. Razzles hopped up on the bed next to him, turned around three times, and laid down with his furry head on Keller’s pillow.
“Can he sleep with me?” the little boy asked.
“Sure.” Maddie smiled and kissed both the little boy and the dog. “Good-night now.”
When Maddie left the room, Daphne was waiting anxiously outside the door. “I didn’t mess up Keller staying here, did I? I mean, I ruined dinner.”
“No, you didn’t mess anything up.” Maddie looked at her sister. Though almost fifty years old, she still seemed an innocent. “Give yourself a break, Daphne. You don’t have to rejoin this time period all at once. Take some time and ease back into this different life.”
“I just want to be normal.”
Maddie laughed. “That could be a challenge in this family.”
“Perhaps you’re right. I’m going to say good-night to Keller.”
As Daphne disappeared inside the little boy’s room, Ryan walked down the hall. “I came to say good-night to Keller.”
“Your mom’s doing that now. By the way, thanks for being so sweet to her and rescuing dinner.”
“I enjoy cooking. Rissa said I’d make someone a fine wife someday. Do you think I will? Not be a wife, I mean, but do you think I’ll ever get married?”
“Do you want to be married?”
“I don’t know. I mean, I like the idea sometimes, but then I’d have to act like a normal grown-up, right?”
“Your uncle Horace and I have been married a lot of years, and neither of us have ever aspired to normal. I think a big part of marrying the right person is finding someone who will accept and love you with all your quirks. And this family has plenty of those.”

(Excerpt copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.)


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