Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We're going to the farm!
After over forty years of living in the city, this country girl is going back to the farm!

For over five years, I've promised my doggies we would move onto some property where they could bark and chase wild critters without worrying about disturbing the neighbors.

Found our dream property and am now making detailed plans while the Universe arranges the funding.

In addition to space to breathe, we are going to live in luxurious self-sufficiency. That means growing our own food, generating our own power, and doing as much on our own as possible--without giving up comfort and abundance. Because I think we can have both!

As the doggies and I prepare for the dream to come together, one of the things I'm doing is gathering lots of ideas and recipes for making common food items from scratch so I know what goes into them.

This morning I made mayonnaise! Took about fifteen minutes, and most of that time was me worrying, Was this going to work?

Too simple! Toss an egg, a dash of salt, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and some mustard powder in the blender. I didn't have mustard powder on hand, so used mustard. The recipe said to turn on the blender and drizzle one cup of vegetable oil--I used olive oil--into the other ingredients with the blender running. That was entertaining because a fine mist of ingredients sprayed out. Put the lid part-way on and added the oil.

Yes, it worked! I was amazed.

However, the oily taste was a bit much for me, so I added some spices--oregano, pepper, and paprika. Still tastes a bit oily, so I plan to experiment with the recipe more.

But this is HEALTHY mayo! Who knew there was such a thing and that it would be so easy to make?

I'll add this recipe to the one for vanilla pudding from scratch--another really, really easy recipe that is so delicious it makes me wonder why I ever ate the stuff from the store.

I'm loving this new world of possibilities where doing for myself is a pleasure and a joy--without giving up luxuries like a whirlpool tub and comfy bed!