Wednesday, October 7, 2015


"After I finish my morning chores, I'll get to work."

The irony of this thought struck me this morning. Aren't chores and work the same? Ah, you don't get paid for chores.

What if you did? How much would you pay someone else to do your chores?

Here's my list:
--Morning Reiki session with my dogs 1 hour = $60.00 
--Dog mini-grooming/health check for eight dogs $15.00 per dog = $120.00
(Pricing this was interesting. When I brush my dogs and check for fleas, I also do a quick health check--an abbreviated version of what a vet would do--check ears; do nails need a trim; any lumps, bumps, scrapes that need attention; check eyes; any changes in skin or coat or general health; etc. So the estimate is probably low but I know my dogs, so it goes quickly.)
--Personal chef (I cook for my dogs and the humans get the leftovers :)  $40.00
(Again, a guestimate as personal chefs in my area are limited and only serve people. This worked out to about $10 per serving and, because the size of my dogs varies, I estimated we would need about 4 servings per meal. However, this also includes the cost of the groceries and prep time, so I may look into this. LOL!)
--General housecleaning including laundry and dishes 1hr = $10.00
(Again, an affordable surprise that perhaps I should look into!)
--Petsitter to feed dogs and get them out to do their "bathroom business" 1/2 hour visit = $20.00

So that's a total of $250 I "earned" from my morning chores, plus a priceless shift in perspective on the worth of what I do. 

How much are you worth?