Monday, December 29, 2014



I read something a couple days ago about choosing one word as the theme for the upcoming year instead of setting resolutions. The word that popped into my mind was "MOVE!"

It fit with what I want to accomplish--move my body, move the extra stuff out of my house, move my doggies and me to acreage. 

Of course, my doggie herd has an opinion on everything, and they thought one word wasn't enough of a motivator. So they came up with their own New Year's resolutions for me. Here are a few of them that fit with my one word:

--Get up from that computer more often and play with us!

--We want longer walks! That will help you move more, right?

--Get up earlier in the mornings and move yourself faster to fix our breakfast! 

Do your pets help write your New Year's resolutions? What are they?


A spurt of anger? Flipping them off? Wishing them peace and a dented fender? Neutrally accepting that not everyone behind the wheel is a good driver at all times?

This morning, I realized my reaction to many small irritations is an instant burst of anger. 

As I've been doing for a number of years, I dug around in that reaction for a while. 

Why did I react in anger? Well, I grew up among anger. It's familiar. I know how to deal with it. I don't like it.

So if I don't want to react with anger and don't like the after-emotion of being ashamed of this reaction, why do I do it?

And I realized: it's a reaction of habit.

Then I wondered…if I can experience a burst of anger, why not a burst of love? Or a burst of patience? Or a burst of...nothing. No reaction other than it was a fact someone wasn't driving perfectly and I was glad it didn't result in an accident.

I could choose my reaction and practice until it became automatic--a reaction of habit. 

But one that felt good.

And it didn't have to be limited to the driving decisions of others. I could choose my reaction to any situation and be proud of it!


Friday, December 26, 2014


I didn't start talking with animals until I was in my fifties. Just like a light switch being turned on, conversations with animals came instantly. 

I was so excited! I thought everyone else had been talking with animals and I was just late to the party. 

When I shared my experience with others, some people were enthusiastic about my discovery.

However, many people looked at me doubtfully. From the reaction of others, it was obvious they thought I was nuts. 

I'm not talking Jane on the streets. These were people who loved animals, had worked with animals for years, and who had pets of their own. 

So I became more careful who I told about this precious gift. But animals and I continued to communicate. What a difference it made in living with my own dogs!

They told me if they were achy. They gave me the reasons why they did certain things. And they let me know in no uncertain terms when they wanted meals and what they wanted. :)

As I worked with animals outside my own pack of dogs, they consistently said they wanted to talk directly to their own people. It was nice to talk to me as an animal communicator, but their hearts' desire was to communicate with their caretakers. 

So if you love animals and have a desire to communicate with them directly, I urge you to check out some animal communicators who teach others how to do this. 

Since my gift came simply by asking a dog a question and expecting an answer, I don't feel qualified to teach people how to talk with their own pets. 

However, other animal communicators do offer this. Val Heart is one person I know who offers a free "QuickStart" to talk with animals. Her web site is <>. (No, I'm not an affiliate and don't receive any money for suggesting her. I just like her work.)

There are other animal communicators who teach people this skill. I'd suggest searching the Internet for animal communication classes, then checking information until you find someone you are comfortable with. 

Some people don't believe it's possible to talk to animals. That's their choice. However, I continue to have discussions with animals and have for almost a decade. Doing this has brought much wonder, joy and learning into my life. 

If you want to deepen your bond with your pet, or want to help other animals, I urge you to check out communicating with animals. 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


And I wish for you the kind of joy I have received from the dogs who have shared my life. So I am offering a gift: a FREE download (PDF format only) of my book, I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog, between now and December 25. Simply go to my web site <> and click where instructed under Special Holiday Gift. MERRY CHRISTMAS and doggie kisses to all!

Excerpt from 
I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog:

Fur against my face and the soft smell of a dog curled protectively around me existed before my first memories of this life. 

My mom used to tell stories of me as a toddler, sleeping with my head pillowed on our Collie’s belly. And of my brave furry protector forcing an uncle back into his car because I was outside without a parent. Never mind we lived out in the country where only relatives or nearby neighbors came to visit. 

Tippy took his duties seriously, and executed them well. For ten years, he was a companion, a pillow, and a protector... 

Though I didn’t realize it at the time, Tippy began my life-long love of dogs, and set the standard for all dogs who would follow in my life.

And those were not the last years Tippy and I would share...

From Tippy:
…we will always be with you--your furry angels who you can love and trust unconditionally and feel safe with. And though you won’t put this together until well into this lifetime, Collies will carry a special message for you, as I do. You will feel drawn to them, and they will appear at critical times to guide and support you. But don’t overlook the other furries who appear in your life, for they also bring messages--to hope, to play, to love, to look for the joy in this lifetime. For it is there, sometimes buried and forgotten in the angst of your self-punishment, but it is there. 

Good-bye for now, my beloved. I will always be available to you and now entrust you to another set of paws to share your journey.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


My beautiful Sophie came home
with me for "hospice care."
Using Reiki and other energy work
in combination with her indomitable spirit,
we had THREE YEARS together.  
Received Gregg Braden's newsletter today with a number of interesting articles and links. For those who haven't heard of him, you might want to check out his web site <>.

In high school, I decided I didn't like science when required to dissect a critter. However, the work of Gregg Braden is one of the reasons I have become a science-y geek girl several decades later.

He explains science in plain English and relates it to our every day lives, presenting possibilities that are limited only by our minds and imaginations.

Following this example, this month I'll be updating my Quantum Canines web site <>, to include scientific explanations for the work I do that some people consider "woo-woo."

Monday, December 8, 2014


This is too good to keep to myself...

AT 3:48 PM--yes, the time is important--friends with a pet sitting business called me. They had received a call from a young man who rescued a Husky from an abusive situation by convincing the owner to give up the dog. However, this young man's heart was bigger than his back yard and he couldn't keep the dog permanently, so was looking for a good home for this young dog.

We talked a bit about options to find a home for the dog, then I sent an email to the local animal shelter asking if they could give me the contact info for any Husky rescues in the area. The foster/rescue coordinator sent me an answer quickly and I forwarded that info to my friends.

In the meantime, my friends contacted the young man who had rescued the dog and received good news...

AT 5:27 PM--yes, about an hour and a half later--my friends called me back, saying the neighbors of this young man had noticed he had this dog, knew he couldn't keep a dog where he was, and had talked to him.

This couple had been on breeders' lists for two years looking for a dog exactly like this Husky. A deal was quickly agreed to, and the Husky rode off with her new owners, on the way to the pet store with a blank check.

Just a humbling thunderbolt from the Universe of how miracles can be orchestrated with perfect timing…

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Well, I've changed!

Has a nice self-righteous ring, doesn't it?

And that's an issue for me. I don't want to be self-righteous any more, because I've realized it's a mask for the fear I'm not as good as other people or I'm afraid I'll fall back into an old pattern or situation with somebody who abused or betrayed me. That I'll become a victim again--and I don't want that.

So have I really changed? Or have I just exchanged one undesirable behavior (being a victim) for another (being self-righteous). And at the same time I've reinforced my belief that people don't really change. An abuser is always an abuser. If a person betrays you once, they'll do it again.

So if a person can't change past experiences or behaviors, can they evolve beyond them?

Aha! That opened up possibilities for me. Traumatic experiences of the past have taught me some deep lessons, and brought gifts in communicating with animals and helping them release their own traumatic experiences. 

Of course, animals are great teachers, and as I watched them release ugly experiences and move on with joy, I wanted to do that also.

I wanted to be different! 

However, rather than change and erase traumatic experiences that also brought great learning, I realized I needed to evolve. If I embraced those lessons and avoided similar situations in the future, I didn't need to fear experiencing that ugliness again, so I also freed myself from fear.

So can people change--or is it better to evolve?

Friday, October 31, 2014


What if I played every role in my life?

The victim as well as the perpetrator. The parent and the child. The dog and the master. The person who was promoted in addition to the one who lost out?

Would I be more understanding of others? Or self-righteously cling to the notion I'd never abuse someone or yell at a kid or the dog because I was having a bad day or gossip about how that new supervisor must have slept with the boss?

And let's go another step. What if I played every role of anyone who ever appeared in my life? 

The cop and the criminal. The careless driver and the race car driver. The obese man who can barely fit in his car as well as the starving African child in addition to the star athlete with a perfectly fit and muscled body?

When I write fiction novels, I write every character from the hero to the villain to the kid handing out burgers at a fast food restaurant. So in this mystical, miraculous Universe, why not play every role in my reality? 

Then I would truly have free will. With utter certainty I could know I didn't want to kill or be hurt or hate or passively let something control my life.

I could choose to live in peace. I could love unconditionally. I could create beauty in every moment. 

If I played every role in my life.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Are you impressed with people who have a bunch of letters after their names? MSW, PhD, DDMV, BS, etc.? I am and I'm not. (Though I rather relate to people with a BS. :)

It's nice to know a person's specialty if you are looking for an expert. However, people with several sets of acronyms after their name also make me think they just have an ego problem. 

I don't have a college degree from a U.S. accredited university. I wanted to jump right into the school of LIFE. At times, I've reflected that might not have been the best decision, but that's what I did, so I've learned different lessons than people who learned in the classroom. And sometimes I still feel a twinge of not being quite as qualified as someone with a bunch of letters after their name.

However, looking back on my experiences, I see those letters don't always make a person more qualified. When I worked for the state, I remember one guy in particular with a masters in something. He might have been quite intelligent in that particular subject. But he couldn't spell or put together a grammatically correct sentence. Those of us with a "lesser" education corrected his poor attempts at written communication. Neither did he have any social skills. I think he offended pretty much everyone he came in contact with. 

On the other end of the letter spectrum were a number of people with MSWs who were not only experts in social work, they were genuinely caring people who worked magic with some of the toughest problems people face in life. I am still in awe of those very special people. 

It's also the case that some of the wisest people I've ever known did not have a college degree or even graduate from high school. 
So I decided to take another look at my perspective on learning. Since the only person I am responsible to change is myself, I'll use me as an example. 

I've lived with dogs all my life. For the last eight years--roughly the time it takes to earn an advanced college degree--I've been immersed in living with dogs. I learned to work with our life's energy through a process called Reiki. I received the gift of being able to communicate with dogs. And I've had five to nine dogs in my home over those eight years. 

Yes, this is a degree program where fraternizing with the instructors is not only encouraged, but required!

This has been hands-on (paws on?) course work with dogs as my teachers. Classes have included:

--Proper greeting: Joyful noise, kisses and ear scratches have come easily. However, I'm totally failing the sniffing part. Thank goodness! 

--Nutrition: of course kitty roca is one of the basic food groups. Just ask your dog.

--Play and exercise: I've had to repeat this course many times. I still get caught up in the busy-ness of life and don't consistently incorporate this into my routine.

--Releasing past traumas: Some of the work I do with dogs is deeply serious and spiritual. When dogs and I communicate, they share not only what they are currently thinking and feeling, but experiences from their pasts--sometimes ugly and traumatic experiences. I have my own mix of tools I've learned and adapted in working with energy--Reiki as well as Qigong, EFT/tapping, massaging meridian points, visualizing and releasing blocked energy. I use these tools to help dogs release traumatic experiences and in the process, also resolve more of my own emotional experiences.

--Loss and grieving: In my decades of life as a human, I've outlived my dogs. Wonder who set up that system? Though I know my beloved canine companions need to shed physical bodies that no longer serve their incredible spirits, the selfish part of me mourns the loss of their physical presence. I've had the honor of going to the Rainbow Bridge with a number of doggie spirits. Each of their journeys is unique and special. I cry, laugh, and celebrate with them. And sometimes I ache for just one more furry hug.

--Miracles: Dogs do come back to be with us again. Right now, I'm living with a Collie who has come back four times, and with a Shepherd who is stretching my beliefs with life #2 or #3, depending on what my limited human mind can conceive. There are also everyday miracles that dogs can help us appreciate. Stretching out on the grass to soak up the sunshine. Taking a nap. A full body stretch before a play session and a drink of cool water. 

--Love: Perhaps the most valuable lesson from dogs is learning to love unconditionally. Who else greets you so exuberantly when you come in the door, whether you have been talking to the neighbor for five minutes or have been gone for several hours? Who else gives you another chance so easily if you're grouchy or neglectful? Who else knows when you need a kiss and a cuddle?  

So I think I am well on my way to earning a doctorate in dogs. May the learning never end!

Friday, August 15, 2014


My latest adopted dog, one-year-old Dasha, is still very much a puppy in attitude. She bounces like Tigger, playing with great exuberance. She searches out shoes and other articles of clothing and carries them around--usually not tearing them to pieces. 

But she also chews. Bones, toys, the occasional chair, and veggies. When I fix meals for my dogs, she sits patiently beside me waiting for samples. Those samples are usually veggies, including cucumbers from our backyard garden.

Well, this morning my dogs let me sleep really late, so of course breakfast was late. In the process of fixing their food and getting fresh water, I discovered Dasha was chewing on something. Hoping it was edible, I looked more closely and realized it was a cucumber!

She was obviously hungry because she ate the whole thing. Guess if my dogs could open the refrigerator door, I'd be out of a job as a doggie chef!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


After 37 years, my asparagus fern is blooming! The only reason I know the age of the plant is because it was given to me when my oldest son was born. Yes, another miracle since I'm only 30--amazing how my kids are now older than me. :)

At first I thought there was fuzz on the plant, but when I looked closer, there were clusters of tiny white blooms.

Although articles on the Internet say it blooms readily in some climates, this is the first time this one has bloomed since I've had it. The only thing I've done differently is set it outside the last couple summers. Maybe the hot weather we've had this summer has worked its magic!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


I've listened to a lot of webinars about how to succeed and be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

These online presentations offer up many reasons for not succeeding: fear of failure, fear of success, childhood trauma, and many others. 

Yet I've not heard anyone address the realization I had today: being stuck on good enough.

My kitchen remodel is still moving forward, but has slowed considerably. All the basic items I need--stove, sink, refrigerator, cabinets--are installed and functioning. So I have been hit with a major case of "we can do that tomorrow." Um, yeah. As the saying goes, "Tomorrow never comes."

As I think deeper about this, I realize I do this a lot with projects. Something is almost finished and I am distracted by the next half dozen projects. Instead of finishing one project completely before moving on, I reach the good enough point and jump to something else. 

The real challenge is how to change this habit. I need a baby step by baby step program! But I'm going to check my e-mail now, so I'll think about it tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I love a bargain! Many times I buy generic brands. I shop thrift stores. And I've become more and more interested in being as self-sufficient as possible.

A major motivator for being self-sufficient is not being at the mercy of the ever-increasing prices of food and utilities. 

Until I buy property and move my herd of doggies onto acreage, I live in the city. However, I'm still looking for ways to be more self-sufficient and save money.  

For example, I planted more vegetables this year so I don't have to buy so much food at the stores for my dogs and me. Of course, the veggies need water, which means my water bill goes up. Is that really saving money?

Well, it can be--by reusing water. I've done some research on using graywater from showers and the washing machine to water plants. I've switched from using detergent to using natural cleaners that won't harm plants, and I have the parts to set up this system--before a total kitchen remodel side-tracked my good intentions.

This morning, I accidentally rediscovered another way to reuse water. I say rediscover because I remember my mother talking about washing dishes in a dishpan and using the water that was left for their flowers. 

While I was using a large kettle to do the final wash of carrots my granddaughter dug the other day, I realized I could reuse that water for my tomato plants. Duh! 

I do a lot of rinsing of veggies and other items in the kitchen, as well as washing my hands about every five minutes. :) All this water adds up--enough to water my 50-plus tomato plants, cucumbers, and broccoli.

That was just this morning. The bargain hunter in me was delighted--and so were my veggies!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


 This morning, my granddaughter and I harvested veggies from my back yard--cucumbers, beans, carrots. As I washed the beans and prepared them for lunch, my granddaughter dug the carrots. Standing at the sink, I felt  deeply happy and content--for the first time in a long time. I felt the way I imagine I will feel when we are settled onto our fully-paid-for, self-sufficient, luxury farm and animal sanctuary.

The feeling continued as we ate lunch--fresh green beans fried in real butter, scrambled eggs, cinnamon-raisin bagels and smoothies with whipped cream. Simple luxury. 
"Feeling spoiled," my granddaughter said. 

"Like we should always treat ourselves," I added.

Yet that feeling is elusive tonight, made more so by seeing a photo of myself at the NW Book Fest yesterday. What seeds have I planted that the outer version of me looks so different than how I feel on the inside? What do I need to nurture that will reveal my true self? Ah, questions to contemplate and take action on.

And so the growth continues...

Friday, July 11, 2014



I'm so delighted to welcome Dasha, the latest canine member of my family. She's a California girl who settled quickly into our home and hearts. Thank you, Willamette Humane Society, for bringing this treasured furbaby into our lives!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Sharing an opportunity to take a class with one of my heroes, Kathleen Prasad. Kathleen introduced me to Reiki with animals--another life-changing event for me. She is such a gentle and wise person, dedicated to helping animals and their people.

This first teleclass is free. It's called Letting Go of Worry with the Help of Your Animals <>. Then you can buy the series or individual classes. 

There is also a lot of information on her web site about Reiki with all kinds of animals--dogs, cats, elephants, boa constrictors and more! She does great stuff!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I've been enjoying energy work for many years, beginning with Reiki. However, I've also incorporated QiGong into my personal healing and my work with animals. If any of you are interested in this kind of work, there's a free online event with Master Chunyi Lin going on this week. Yes, these online events that have become my addiction! Some people play games--I listen and watch these events. LOL!

It's the usual routine for these events--give them your email address and you have access to the free event. If you want to, you can also buy a training package, but the online event really is free. Like other events I've posted, I've gained great benefit from the free event or I wouldn't recommend it. Master Lin really is a gentle, gentle man and learning to work with energy has been life-changing for me. You can sign up at

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I have taken my foster doggie back to the shelter to interview for her forever family. 

She was nervous. I was anxious. 

Staff set her up in a kennel away from most of the noise to ease her transition, and I walked around to visit with other dogs. 

After a time I made it back to her kennel. But she looked so different behind bars. Not like the sweet girl who had spent two weeks at my house while she finished her medications and completed healing.

But her eyes were the same as she looked up at me and asked, "Have you forgotten me already?"

The question was a direct hit to the heart. But I'm trying not to dodge the tough questions any more, whether under the guise of sparing the feelings of another or making myself feel momentarily better. I try to poke around in the uncomfortable spots, tap into my own wisdom and that of others, and find the truth. 

So Lady/Janie and I had a discussion. I admitted I had kept her at a bit of a distance. The plan from the beginning was to help her heal, then help her find another home. I have six other doggies at home I didn't say no to, as well as a few others who are now angel doggies. 

Our time with Janie was filled with lessons and not a little stress. Though my herd of doggies agreed without hesitation for her to come stay with us, the adjustment was not an easy one. My only other girl can feel easily threatened and strike out. Janie hadn't learned about personal space, so encountered many warning growls from the others to back off. 

She also made me look beyond my remaining wariness about certain dog breeds and into her heart. She was sweet. She was loving. She gave kisses and wanted to cuddle. She came in a Pitbull body.

Yes, she is still learning manners and appropriate actions. But my own dogs--and me--aren't always socially correct. However, she is smart and tried so hard to fit in and get us to play more. During her time here, I realized me and my doggie herd are boring. My dogs tell me when it's time for meals and snacks and walks and all the important things. In between, they nap and I work. Yep, boring. 

So we all learned--my foster dog, me and my herd. Still, I came back to the question: how can I let her go? Shouldn't I be so attached to her I couldn't bear to see her in that kennel? How could I put her through the stress of being on display and being judged and maybe going to someone who didn't appreciate her? 

How could I let her go? 

Then Janie gave me another perspective: Can you keep us all and still be effective at the work you have come here to do? Can you help more animals by focusing on one or by spreading the message we have come here to share? Can you be effective if you DON'T let us go?

I quit breathing for a moment as the truth of that resonated through me. 

I had just experienced two weeks of balancing the needs of my own herd and my foster furbaby. Of keeping up with other commitments and crashing into the hard realization I wasn't taking care of myself or making much progress on what I said I wanted to accomplish this summer.

Janie was so right. How could I be effective if I didn't let her go?

So I will continue to support her while waiting for her perfect person or family. Just as I did when my sons grew up and moved out to build lives of their own, I will cheer my sweet Janie when she goes on to bless another family with her presence. In the meantime, I will cherish our time together and the lessons she has taught. 

And I will continue to spread the message so many furbabies have given me. There is so much humans and animals can learn from each other. Now is the time for all of us--humans and animals together--to build the better life we have all been seeking. Hand in paw, let us walk, run, play, laugh and love into that fantastic world we have been envisioning! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Woofs of Wisdom from dogs who have touched my heart:

"My mission was to help people become more aware of the value of dogs--of all animals…We have much knowledge to share, if only humans would listen…"  --Apache, a pitbull mix

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cute dogs, a great cause and people who love animals

Here's an awww news clip about two well-known people teaming up to help animals at the New Hampshire SPCA. <>

Psychic medium John Holland set up the Koda Fund in honor of his dog, who you will see in this video, to help animals who need surgery or have medical expenses at the NHSPCA. Animal communicator, Danielle MacKinnon, is launching an effort to raise awareness and help these animals find homes.

Since shelter dogs hold a part of my heart in their loving paws, I'm always happy to share this kind of news. And I really enjoy the work of both of these humans!

In addition to cute dogs and a great cause, you'll see both Danielle MacKinnon <> and John Holland <> in action in this video. 

Friday, May 2, 2014


Think talking to animals is a movie myth? Not so! I've been doing it for a number of years and continue to be humbled by the wisdom and pure spirits of our furbabies. 

Even though I already communicate with animals, when I heard about an online/virtual "Speak to the Animals Summit" with 12 animal communication experts, I signed up. (Gotta admit I'm kind of addicted to these free summits.) 

Animals consistently tell me they want to communicate with their humans, but I'm not at the point of teaching others how to do it, so  I asked if I could share the information. They said yes, so here's the sales pitch: The keynote speaker is Val Heart, one of my heros in animal communication. These experts will talk about listening to and talking with animals, and share information that will help "transform your relationship with your animals, your human companions and yourself."

It's a free summit with the usual requirement of giving them your email and you receive access to bonus gifts for signing up. Replays of all the speakers will be available for 48 hours or you can buy CDs of the summit. Of course, there's an unsubscribe button on the email if you decide you don't want to do this. 

Here's the link to sign up:
***End of sales pitch.*** 

Monday, April 21, 2014


As soon as the old woman hobbled out of her car and up to the gate, I knew this was not going to go down peacefully. 

We hunkered behind the window blinds in the shadows, my hundred-pound killer dogs and me. When she rapped sharply on the door with her cane, the glint of a stiletto knife at its tip winked with evil intent in the watery sunlight.

I signaled the dogs to take up their places on either side of the door and I checked the charge in my taser. We wanted to take the old woman alive if possible, for she had top secret information in that briefcase that could make our restless nights much more comfortable. 

As I activated the automatic door, it slowly creaked open. 

"Helloooo?" she called. Her voice sounded high and a bit shaky. Just what you would expect of a woman with 120 years under the notches on her belt. 

She took a step over the threshold and Big Killer #1 leaped from the landing, clamping his jaws over her hand that held the briefcase. In the meantime, Big Killer #2 grabbed the stiletto cane, snapping it with his jaws and reducing its size from a spear to a dagger. 

The old woman struggled to hold onto the briefcase and, in the tussle, the latch came undone and papers scattered around the living room. The old woman shrieked and scrambled to gather her secret information. With a mighty "Woof!" medium-sized Killer gobbled one of the papers in his mouth.

"No!" the old woman started to charge him, but retreated fearfully when a dozen mini-Killers streamed from under the stairs and began nipping at her ankles. 

The old woman hobbled out the door and down the walkway as quickly as a snail, flailing her mangled briefcase and shrieking, "Get away! Get away!"

The mini-Killers stopped at the gate and pushed it closed as she crawled into her car and finally drove away, checking her rearview mirror and using her blinker before pulling into the street. 

Inside the house, medium-sized Killer spit the top secret information out of his mouth. We smoothed out the wrinkles and blotted off the saliva enough to decipher the secret to restful sleep. 

As we curled up for a nap, the neighborhood kids discovered a flattened gray briefcase lying in the street. As they yelled and ran over it with their bikes and skateboards, a white powdery cloud began to swirl out of its depths, growing larger and larger…


Can your own mind drive you crazy? In my case, that may be true. A less-than-pleasant incident happened recently with a sales rep who came to my house and turned out to be a really old woman who did not like dogs and had a few other attitudes I did not appreciate. Well, my mind kept dredging up this incident over and over, replaying it and imagining all kinds of future "what if" scenarios. 

To clear this incident from my mind, I decided to try a technique I learned the same day--isn't it great how the Universe provides answers? Very much simplified, the technique was to neutralize the situation and write a new story. Well, my writer's mind kicked in and I mutated this technique to write this over-the-top dramatization of the story. 

Doing this not only neutralized the situation, it made me laugh and gave me a fun blog post. Hope you enjoy it!

Posted by: G.R. Gabriel

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Posted by G. R. Gabriel

Just spent some time reading an opinion piece in the New York Post from Matthew Bershadker of the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) entitled, "Why we can't forget Michael Vick's dog-fighting past," and comments about that post. <>. This was generated by Michael Vick being signed to the New York Jets football team for a large sum of money.

Interesting points and emotional responses. Some commenters brought up race and offered examples of white men who received less punishment for raping or murdering people. Some brought up the hypocrisy of people who eat meat but decry abuse of dogs. Other commenters argued for second chances or wiping the slate clean after society's punishment is served. Still others wrote disparaging comments about the intelligence of those commenting. 

But no one mentioned that cruelty to ANY being should not be acceptable. 

So what started out as research on a post about Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month has taken a different turn. How do humans evolve to the point that cruelty of any kind against any being is not acceptable? 

Is race a factor in our decisions? Pretty much anyone who has lived a few decades in this culture has some experiences where a person's color--or gender or religion or taste in clothing--did make a difference. 

Do people accused of similar crimes receive different punishments? I've seen this over and over--and some people seem to get away with no punishment at all.

On the issue of hypocrisy, I have seen this up close in my family and, quite frankly, though I have moved away from eating meat, I still struggle to find an answer to the hypocrisy of feeding it to my dogs. 

Then there is the multi-faceted issue of forgiveness, second chances, wiping the slate clean--whatever you want to call it. How can we know if someone else has truly changed or what is in their heart?

Which brings the focus back to ourselves. Wiser ones than me have said we can only know what is in our own hearts. That we can only make choices for ourselves. By doing that to the highest good we know and asking the Universe for guidance, we free others to do the same. 

I also pondered the scope of what could be considered cruel. Physical torture, certainly. But how about "lesser" shades of cruelty such as unkind words that shake a person's confidence? Anger at another driver who dodges in and out of traffic? Ignoring someone who offers a gesture of friendship because we are busy? 

Many of our every day interactions bring opportunities to not only prevent cruelty, but to offer kindness. Kinda changes the scope of things, doesn't it?

I'm still not completely comfortable with this free-falling, make-it-up-as-we-evolve type of living. I'd rather have a solid, "right" answer to everything. However, that hasn't necessarily brought the results I want in the past. So I'm taking a deep breath and putting one foot in front of the other. Or perhaps I just stepped off the abyss and am praying I learn to fly before I hit the bottom!

Until I fly or crash, April has broadened for me to be "Prevent Cruelty--Offer Kindness" month. Not just to animals, but to any being. Take my hand, Universe, I think I'm going to need a lot of guidance!

Monday, March 24, 2014


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