Sunday, August 30, 2015


Ebony Rose (in back) lounging on our almost wall-to-wall
sleeping area with Batman (white dog) and Grimlin.

As the physical body of my beautiful Ebony Rose shows signs of slowing down, she continues to offer life lessons. This morning she made her way up the stairs--her choice; we basically live on the main floor and none of the dogs have to climb stairs if they don't want to. Coming down was a bit more hesitant and I walked with her in case she slipped. 

Later, she asked me if I loved her any less because she looked and acted older. Through my tears, I said I loved her even more because I know our time together on this physical plane is growing shorter. 

I also saw her aging body as a gift and a reminder to me to slow down and enjoy. Not just to smell the roses--though I did that in my back yard today also! But time with my dogs, time with my kids and grandkids, time to walk through my flowers and vegetables as they offer up the fruits of the growing season to enjoy, time to create wonderful book covers, and just time to do what I love!

As a recovering workaholic, I need reminders to slow down and enjoy. I go through phases of being mindful to take care of myself and play with my doggies. Sometimes I even clean my house! But I still have tendencies to forget those good intentions and overbook my time. Reminders from my Ebony Rose and other doggies help me back on track.

Hope you have taken the time today to slow down and enjoy!