Saturday, July 31, 2021

MUTTS = Most Unusual Type of Tail-wagger


When humans call me a mutt, their top lip is usually curled like a growling dog warning you away from their bone.

But I think MUTT means Most Unusual Type of Tail-Wagger. Unique. Special. 

I don't know any other dog like me. I'm big with shaggy hair falling over my eyes that's kind of a dirty brown color. That's 'cause I don't have a human family to wash me or take me to the groomer's. I get by OK but I do have a Little Buddy I worry about. 

I protect him from mean dogs who roam the streets in packs. Little dogs are easy targets to trade to humans for food. But the little dogs disappear and never come back. I don't want that to happen to my Little Buddy.

I dream of a place where we can be safe. With plenty of food and humans who take good care of us. Do you think such a place exists?


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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Dogs are the beloved stars in the heavens of their humans


I'm an old dog now and my body doesn't always do what I want it to. Oh, I nap quite well--better than when I was a younger dog. But Momma has to help me up to get a drink of water or go into the yard to do my business. 

She says it's an honor to take care of me, but sometimes she cries and wishes I could live forever. I remind her that I will live forever. We all do. That we have been together since she was a little girl and even before that. Sometimes in physical form and sometimes in spirit. But humans can forget and get stuck in the sorrow.

That's when another doggie kiss can remind her I'm still around. Not to replace me or any other doggie she has loved, but to remind her not to forget The Dream. The dream that belongs to all of us--the doggies and humans who have loved for many life times.

Besides, she writes about us in books. Not just to remind herself of how much love we have shared, but to let other humans know their fur babies are always with them. We are the beloved stars in the heavens of our humans--and sometimes we spend physical life times hogging their beds!


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Monday, July 12, 2021

"Iridescent eyes can see a new future..."

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“Did you notice anything unusual about the children?” Freyja asked of Maeve as they cleaned up paints and straightened books after the children had moved on to other activities.

Maeve raised an eyebrow as she looked at her new friend and colleague. “I’ve not been around children much, so may not be the best person to answer. But now I’m curious why you asked that question?”

“Emerson and I watched the arrivals and departures on the Penumbral Dimension closely. Most of the arrivals were babies or children about age six. The babies usually came with guardians and many times left again during the same eclipse. When the older children arrived, they were generally alone, and I don’t recall any of them leaving again. I wondered if there was something about these children we were missing. Something a relative stranger would be able to spot.”

Maeve’s brow crinkled for a moment as she connected with the wisdom of her shamanic ancestors. “The beautiful, iridescent eyes of these children can see a new future. A better way of being. If they are in an environment that does not welcome this vision, their behaviors may seem without reason to those who cannot see a different way.”

Freyja nodded thoughtfully. “Yet in the shadows of the Penumbral Dimension that most see as hopeless, none of those behaviors showed up, such as the seizures some of the children mentioned having. The children eagerly attended the school Emerson and I set up to keep them from being bored. They can survive in nature by foraging for edible wild plants. They know how to build a shelter and find fresh water as well as start a fire and protect themselves with make-shift weapons. More than learning how to survive most circumstances, these children grew into young adults practicing how to turn challenges into something better.”

Once again nodding, Freyja grew excited as she recalled what the children had done. “We built greenhouses to have a more stable food supply. Drilled deep into the earth to tap geothermal energy as a power source to heat the greenhouses as well as provide lighting for the darkened streets. We recycled the water used for washing clothes to water the plants. Nothing was wasted. Scraps of everything were recycled and repurposed. Fortunately, some of us still had access to the technology on Earth Five and even improved what was available in that dimension, such as the thorium vehicles we used to escape when everything collapsed.”

“So the school in the Penumbral Dimension was perfect in preparing these children–who are now young adults–to build a better world here on Celtic Zero,” Maeve said.

“Exactly,” Freyja answered. “All came together perfectly.”

Maeve and Freyja looked at each other. “Humbling, isn’t it?”

“So where were the children in the intervening years between when they disappeared as babies and came back to the Penumbral Dimension when they were six years old?”

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July 6 is International Kissing Day...with a shiver of suspense (and puzzle piece #7)

The romance...

Shiloh loved Boston. Its history. Its quaint little shops. The mix and hustle of many different cultures. While she was growing up, her parents had kept a house because they thought they should. However, as soon as Shiloh went to college, her parents sold the house and moved into a condo near Massachusetts General Hospital where they both worked. 

The condo was beautiful in a sleek, modern way, with a wonderful view of trees curving along the water's edge and skyscrapers in the background. A few familiar photos lined the mantel of a gas fireplace, and some of the finer pieces of furniture came from their old house. 

However, the condo didn't cuddle her with handmade quilts or offer home baked cookies. It could have been any stranger's house, and Shiloh didn't want to be alone here. 

"Can you stay awhile?" Shiloh touched Jeremiah's forearm, and a flash of awareness shot up her arm. Danger of a different sort. 

Slowly, Jer set her bags down, his gaze never leaving hers. His eyes were dark chocolate. Decadent and tempting. A glow started in Shiloh's belly as Jer straightened. Caressed her cheek with his fingertips. Then his lips whispered over hers, nibbling across her bottom lip before testing her top lip with his tongue.


Shiloh sighed as her lips parted and she melted into Jeremiah's arms. All her fantasies from the airplane flight returned in vivid, breathing color. 

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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Let's Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer!

The dog days of summer started early in our little doggie world. My human was hiding in the house from what she says are "record-breaking temperatures." I don't have a problem settling down for a nap no matter the temp outside. At least until meal time. Speaking of which--I think I smell something cooking. Wonder if we'll have pancakes...

Personal note from Genie Gabriel: My Dasha loves pancakes. Yes, she eats healthy home-cooked meals and raw food most of the time, but pancakes are a special treat once in a while.