Friday, March 6, 2020

A Touch of Blarney Giveaway!

Like sweet romance? Fantasy? St. Patrick's Day?
Here's an anthology with all three! 
The Rogue's Angels (a heavenly quartet of writers to which I belong) are giving away five digital copies of A TOUCH OF BLARNEY: An Anthology of St. Patrick's Day Stories. (Previously published as A St. Patrick's Day Tale.) This anthology includes my novella, St. Batzy & the Time Machine. (Click here to read an excerpt.)
Just leave a comment at the Rogue's Angels blog for a chance to win. (Don't forget to leave your name and email address so we can contact you if you are a winner.)

Tumble through time… 
…to Ireland in 1817, when tensions are high between Protestants and Catholics, and fae people guide the fate of villagers. A lovely Catholic lass stumbles upon the weekly ritual fisticuffing between Irish lads. She falls into the lap of a handsome young Protestant. Family ties, grudges, and two conniving faeries threaten their budding love. But the faeries outsmart themselves when they hijack a time machine that has mysteriously appeared in their forest and are whisked to…
…Eugene, Oregon in the 20th century, amid a property feud between the local faeries and night elves. The conniving faeries from Olde Ireland try to stir up more mischief. However, a warrior gnome convinces the magic folk to control their own destiny, and forces the intruding faeries to take refuge in the time machine again, spinning their way toward…
…A modern day castle in western Oregon. An eccentric inventor is determined to reclaim his wayward time machine and save his beloved wife from her latest misadventure. If only they can travel safely past the black hole…


Monday, March 2, 2020

Last Day to Enter--ebooks for Pet Lovers!

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