Thursday, September 9, 2021

Teddy bears and mysteries...

 It started with the law-bear...

Spurred on by the abuse that happened to Norah, Phoenix immersed herself in the work of the domestic violence shelter. And there was always plenty of work to keep her from returning to the farm until late each night. She didn't want to face the teddy bear in a suit that CJ had given her, yet she didn't want to move the stuffed bear from her bedside table either. Her ambiguity about the bear reflected her mixed up feelings of wanting to make love with CJ again but not wanting him in her life. 

As their love grew, so did the collection of teddy bears...

Over the next few days, the collection of teddy bears on Phoenix's nightstand multiplied. When she laughed and said she needed a bigger nightstand, CJ showed up with a wide shelf and installed it for her. Then he brought a little tree house and added it to the shelf. 

And the citizens of Halo discovered the last piece of the puzzle of why Bernie died.


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Monday, September 6, 2021

Read a Book Day with Puzzle Piece #9--who's the shooter?

As Thomas stared at the blood-stained spot where Johnny had fallen, a need for revenge burned away the emptiness in his gut. He scanned the landscape around them, then focused on a nearby ridge. "I know where the shooter set up." 

The family stood in silence for a few moments. Perhaps reliving other times they had waited for news about a loved one who had been shot. Bernie, Collin, and now Johnny. Perhaps their family was being targeted.

Book 8 in the 
Bernie's Legacy series of
romantic mysteries 

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Friday, September 3, 2021

Puzzle piece #8


Who is this disturbed woman

who showed up suddenly

in the life of the O'Sheas?

Is she acting on her own

or is someone using her for revenge?


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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Dog Days Continue

 The dog days of summer continue in my corner of the world with record-breaking temperatures. My doggies are taking short breaks outside, then back inside where it's cooler. For humans looking for projects to stay cool, how about reading a book set in cool weather?

The Bodyguard: A reluctant love story...

The short drive to Mt. Hood passed mostly in companionable silence. However, once snowflakes started falling, Julia sat up straighter in her seat. "The snow is so beautiful. I could sit for hours and watch the flakes come down." 

"So why don’t you live in snow country?" Mitch glanced at Julia before returning his attention to the packed snow surface of the road. 

"More jobs in the valley." 

They lapsed into silence once more. Julia watched the snow deepening along the road as they drove closer to the mountain. Once in the parking area, Mitch helped Julia strap on the skis, patiently sliding along beside her as she adjusted to the awkwardness of having something attached to her feet that was as long as she was tall. 

"How long does it take to get used to these?" Julia laughed as her feet tangled together. She would have landed on her fanny in the snow if Mitch hadn’t caught her under the arms. 

"We spend most of the winter on skis in Idaho," Mitch said. "After a while, it feels funny not to be wearing them." 

Other things feel funny too, Julia thought, as Mitch’s nearness stirred a fluttering in her belly. She was a free woman now. She didn’t have the excuse of being legally tied to another man to stop her from pursuing a relationship with Mitch. So why did she hesitate? 

"I’ll race you to those trees." Mitch indicated a stand of tall fir trees pointing like giant green arrows toward the sky. "Do you want a head start?" 

"How about if I just tumble forward instead of trying to stay upright?" 

Mitch smiled. "Last one there is a mushy snowball." 

(EXCERPT from THE BODYGUARD; copyright Genie Gabriel)

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Also available in print.


Thirteen Magic Pumpkin Seeds: currently available as part of Season of the Witch, a Halloween anthology. 

Coming as a standalone October 1! 

Overhead, the naked branches of oak trees rattled in the stiff breeze, promising a chilly Halloween day and perhaps spooky times this evening. To Finn, the trees seemed to watch him. Waiting for him to trip over their gnarly roots or slip on the leaves that had been shed onto the spongy ground beneath his feet. Providing proof he could never be as good as his brother or live up to Ethan's example. Unless he agreed to the military's proposal.

(EXCERPT from THIRTEEN MAGIC PUMPKIN SEEDS, in the Halloween anthology, SEASON OF THE WITCH; copyright Genie Gabriel)

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Also available in print.


Picture Perfect Legacy: romantic suspense

Don't take my baby. Please don't take my baby. The woman's plea whispered in the steady swish, swish of the wipers. Her image wavered among the falling flakes of snow, horror streaking in anguished tears down her face. 

Marly O'Shea shivered and forced her attention back to the narrow, twisting road grudgingly carved out of the side of the mountain. 

The heater of her Jeep Wrangler valiantly battled the fingers of icy air creeping through the gaps in a canvas top that seemed to shrink each summer while it lay bundled in Marly's garage. She much preferred the heated summer breezes that tangled her over-curly hair in wild abandon to the frigid winds laying icy sheets of moisture in the dips and shadows of the road she now traveled. 

A gust of angry wind blasted around a curve, rattling the canvas top of the Jeep. The flurries of snow grew heavier, layering the road in a relentless white. Marly shifted into a lower gear and concentrated on what she could see of the road illuminated by her headlights. 

Until she realized the headlights careening through the darkness weren't hers. They bore down on her, like a missile seeking its target. 

(EXCERPT from PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY; copyright Genie Gabriel)

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Also available in print.


Something Better: Collie Chronicles, book 3

The wind and rain lashed at the windows of the old castle as Chessie watched from inside. The first eclipse since the refugees had been transported from the Penumbral Dimension was expected soon. Many among them stared intently at the storm. Others paced. A few walked the shapes of the merkaba at one end of the great hall.

This is no ordinary storm, Chap told her. I sense a dark energy at work.

"I feel it too," Chessie said. "I thought the old gray dog, Rhagnall, said the city was protected."

Something has shifted. More than a storm is brewing.

(EXCERPT from SOMETHING BETTER; copyright Genie Gabriel)

Digital versions just 99 cents!

Also available in print.


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Saturday, July 31, 2021

MUTTS = Most Unusual Type of Tail-wagger


When humans call me a mutt, their top lip is usually curled like a growling dog warning you away from their bone.

But I think MUTT means Most Unusual Type of Tail-Wagger. Unique. Special. 

I don't know any other dog like me. I'm big with shaggy hair falling over my eyes that's kind of a dirty brown color. That's 'cause I don't have a human family to wash me or take me to the groomer's. I get by OK but I do have a Little Buddy I worry about. 

I protect him from mean dogs who roam the streets in packs. Little dogs are easy targets to trade to humans for food. But the little dogs disappear and never come back. I don't want that to happen to my Little Buddy.

I dream of a place where we can be safe. With plenty of food and humans who take good care of us. Do you think such a place exists?


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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Dogs are the beloved stars in the heavens of their humans


I'm an old dog now and my body doesn't always do what I want it to. Oh, I nap quite well--better than when I was a younger dog. But Momma has to help me up to get a drink of water or go into the yard to do my business. 

She says it's an honor to take care of me, but sometimes she cries and wishes I could live forever. I remind her that I will live forever. We all do. That we have been together since she was a little girl and even before that. Sometimes in physical form and sometimes in spirit. But humans can forget and get stuck in the sorrow.

That's when another doggie kiss can remind her I'm still around. Not to replace me or any other doggie she has loved, but to remind her not to forget The Dream. The dream that belongs to all of us--the doggies and humans who have loved for many life times.

Besides, she writes about us in books. Not just to remind herself of how much love we have shared, but to let other humans know their fur babies are always with them. We are the beloved stars in the heavens of our humans--and sometimes we spend physical life times hogging their beds!


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