Monday, April 22, 2024


Chickie Girls Caught Red-Winged! 

So....this garden season, I decided to grow enough veggies to feed my chickie girls all year. I started with peas, planting them inside in starter pots a month ago. While they were germinating and growing, I fenced off part of the large chicken yard to become the veggie garden for my girls. When my carefully tended pea plants were about six inches tall, I transplanted them into the chickie garden--much to the dismay of my aching back and hips. The next day, I discovered two of my brown hens inside the garden enclosure, happily scratching the pea plants out of the ground. Caught red-winged, I evicted the chickie girls from the garden! After reinforcing the fencing even more, I replanted what pea plants I could find that still had roots attached. Will they survive the chickie destruction? Only time will tell. 

P.S. I planted more peas, and will be planting other veggies. Hopefully the plants will survive long enough to set on fruit!

P.P.S. To protect the guilty, the image above is not a real photo of one of the hens caught in the act of veggie destruction, but the result of my experimenting with Adobe AI. :)

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