Friday, October 31, 2014


What if I played every role in my life?

The victim as well as the perpetrator. The parent and the child. The dog and the master. The person who was promoted in addition to the one who lost out?

Would I be more understanding of others? Or self-righteously cling to the notion I'd never abuse someone or yell at a kid or the dog because I was having a bad day or gossip about how that new supervisor must have slept with the boss?

And let's go another step. What if I played every role of anyone who ever appeared in my life? 

The cop and the criminal. The careless driver and the race car driver. The obese man who can barely fit in his car as well as the starving African child in addition to the star athlete with a perfectly fit and muscled body?

When I write fiction novels, I write every character from the hero to the villain to the kid handing out burgers at a fast food restaurant. So in this mystical, miraculous Universe, why not play every role in my reality? 

Then I would truly have free will. With utter certainty I could know I didn't want to kill or be hurt or hate or passively let something control my life.

I could choose to live in peace. I could love unconditionally. I could create beauty in every moment. 

If I played every role in my life.