Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Abuse permeates all you do. Colors your decisions. Affects where you go and who you allow into your life. 

If those who should have protected you do not believe what has happened, the wound is deeper than the physical pain you have already endured.

But perhaps on your journey you will come to recognize the gift in betrayal. For when all you believed is destroyed, the real truth can be revealed. 

Strength and courage flow through your soul as you stand up for other innocents who have experienced abuse. You recognize the pain in others. You listen and respect without judgment. You love without expectations. Your tears help others release and heal. In doing so, your own wounds are healed and the true beauty of your spirit is revealed.

As your heart is broken open, you realize the angels are rejoicing and you are surrounded by their pure love. You have never been alone. You have always been supported by a power far beyond this Earthly realm. 

What if that power and love also shine within you? What miracles can we create? What beauty can grow from the ashes of abuse?

Monday, April 27, 2015

GOOD MORNING, MONDAY! (…and Tuesday and everyday)

Generally, my doggies and I sleep in, then wake up slowly. One or two at a time, my furbabies come to me for individual attention. Tummy rubs. Back scratches. Some extra cuddles.

We exchange loving energy, then yawn and stretch, and begin the day.

I currently have eight dogs and want to be sure they all feel special and loved. So throughout the day, I make it a point to call each of my dogs by name and give them attention, even if it's just a pat or scratch on my way from the kitchen to my computer.

In the evening, each of my furbabies once again receives individual attention--not  that they necessarily appreciate this--as I clean them before bed. However, this is many times rushed as I generally have one more thing to finish--or two or three. So they cuddle into soft quilts and, later, I join them. Then we resettle and snuggle in for the rest of the night.

In the morning, we come awake slowly…good morning, Monday!

Friday, April 24, 2015


I was listening to classic oldies tonight while I was working on a project. Those songs put me in a reflective mood. What did I believe when I was a teenager?

Most of all, I believed everything would be alright when I was an adult. I thought I would fall in love with a man who loved me, we'd get married and have kids, and have a happy life.

I didn't imagine any bad things happening. I didn't know my choices would be so wrong or that I would raise my sons by myself and feel such guilt that I didn't give them what I thought they needed. I didn't know the betrayals would be so deep or the pain would hurt so bad. I didn't foresee the direction my life would turn or have any idea the truth I discovered would be so different than what the people in my early years thought. 

I didn't realize the love I found would be pure and unconditional and come in the form of a small herd of doggies who needed a place to belong just like me. That a dream would be born of a sanctuary where every being would feel safe and loved and accepted. Where sunshiny days would stretch long and on rainy nights we would cuddle by a warm fire, secure in a knowing that angels are real and we are one with the Spirit who whispers through the trees and urges the flowers into bloom. 

Yes, everything will be alright, when I become the little child who still lives within me. Who still has dreams and believes. Who always believes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Quotes, thoughts and miscellany to make you think and imagine...

What if your pet was a person? What would s/he look like? Long hair or short? What color eyes? What quirky behaviors--would they be the same ones your pet in his furry body currently has?

Friday, April 10, 2015


Sweet Pea at the Shelter

"Pick up your feet when you walk," my son admonishes my grandchildren. 

The comment makes me feel sheepishness. Not only do I shuffle my feet when I walk, I'm usually looking down. 

You see, I have a ten-pound Chihuahua mix and my feet are almost bigger than her. I resisted having a small dog for a long time because I didn't want to step on one and perhaps hurt them badly. 

However, when the shelter called me to foster my little girl, I couldn't resist. She had been having seizures and looked so tiny in that kennel. As with many of my foster dogs, she never went back to the shelter. I get so attached so quickly. 

My Sweet Pea is now very much a part of my doggie herd. She moves quickly and, to minimize the chance of stepping on her, I have perfected the Little Dog Shuffle--don't lift my feet and watch the floor carefully!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Quotes, thoughts and miscellany to make you think and imagine...

A message from the squirrels:

Because humans were given dominion over the Earth plane, the voices of other beings were muted. 
We can only access our power by transitioning or make our wishes known by accessing those humans who understand.

Can you understand what our furry friends are trying to say?

Sunday, April 5, 2015


A gentle hand
A hug to ease the pain
Being  someone’s cheerleader
Believing in someone’s dream
If you don’t agree on something, disagree respectfully
Taking joy in being together, even if you’re just sitting quietly
Understanding the tough decisions & mistakes

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Quotes, thoughts and miscellany to make you think and imagine...

One of my favorite "what ifs": If time, money and support/the help you desired were unlimited, what would you do?