Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Abuse permeates all you do. Colors your decisions. Affects where you go and who you allow into your life. 

If those who should have protected you do not believe what has happened, the wound is deeper than the physical pain you have already endured.

But perhaps on your journey you will come to recognize the gift in betrayal. For when all you believed is destroyed, the real truth can be revealed. 

Strength and courage flow through your soul as you stand up for other innocents who have experienced abuse. You recognize the pain in others. You listen and respect without judgment. You love without expectations. Your tears help others release and heal. In doing so, your own wounds are healed and the true beauty of your spirit is revealed.

As your heart is broken open, you realize the angels are rejoicing and you are surrounded by their pure love. You have never been alone. You have always been supported by a power far beyond this Earthly realm. 

What if that power and love also shine within you? What miracles can we create? What beauty can grow from the ashes of abuse?

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