Friday, April 10, 2015


Sweet Pea at the Shelter

"Pick up your feet when you walk," my son admonishes my grandchildren. 

The comment makes me feel sheepishness. Not only do I shuffle my feet when I walk, I'm usually looking down. 

You see, I have a ten-pound Chihuahua mix and my feet are almost bigger than her. I resisted having a small dog for a long time because I didn't want to step on one and perhaps hurt them badly. 

However, when the shelter called me to foster my little girl, I couldn't resist. She had been having seizures and looked so tiny in that kennel. As with many of my foster dogs, she never went back to the shelter. I get so attached so quickly. 

My Sweet Pea is now very much a part of my doggie herd. She moves quickly and, to minimize the chance of stepping on her, I have perfected the Little Dog Shuffle--don't lift my feet and watch the floor carefully!

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