Thursday, January 14, 2016


A lot of people have become aware having a pet is good for you. Studies have found dogs can ease anxiety and depression in their human companions, as well as help lower blood pressure and increase hormones in our bodies that help us relax.

I stumbled onto something a few days ago that added more evidence to my long-held belief dogs are more evolved than humans.

While lying on the bathroom floor in the midst of my unplanned New Year's purge--yes, this has provided many learning experiences for me--a number of my dogs came in to check on me. My Jack Russell/Pitbull mix laid down on the rug and stayed with me after the worshipping-of-the-ceramic-idol phase had passed.

Shivering and feeling like I had been run over by a truck, I was open to pretty much anything. As the effects of the purge ebbed away, I became more aware of the energy emanating from my Batman.

I've been consciously working with the energy of humans and animals for about a decade, so I'm very sensitive to energy. This work started with Reiki and has expanded over the years to include practices such as QiGong, EFT/Tapping, and Donna Eden's Energy Medicine

Of particular interest to me is energy work with animals, triggered by Kathleen Prasad's book, Animal Reiki, and coupled with the gift of communicating with animals. Some of you may have heard me say, "After animals started talking to me, my life really went to the dogs." So true!

As my Batman lay beside me and his energy washed through me, I felt incredibly peaceful and relaxed. It occurred to me I must be vibrating at "Love or Above." 

I couldn't remember the details of how this was measured, so took an Internet journey. Wow! What a journey this turned out to be, with many interesting re-discoveries. I may use some of this information in future blog posts. However, the summary of what I found is the Scale of Consciousness as outlined in Dr. David Hawkins' book, Power vs. Force.

In part, it defines human energy vibrations from 0 to 1000. The lowest is shame and guilt at 20 and 30 up to enlightenment at 1000, which is considered the highest a human can attain. Hawkins and his researchers estimate humanity's collective consciousness is about 207. 

That means the majority of humanity is operating in shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire (which can lead to addictions), anger and pride. Humans haven't even reached the level of courage, in which you realize you don't need to be buffeted by external circumstances, but have choices in how to respond to situations. 

In contrast, most pets exude unconditional love--500 or above on the vibrational scale. I will toss in the disclaimer this isn't based on scientific research, but my own experiences and, I'm guessing, what many pet owners feel. 

Now I just need to figure out how I can stay at that vibration without shivering on the bathroom floor. Hmm…wonder if I can lock all my doors and have groceries delivered so I'm only in contact with my dogs? I know, probably not for long. 

But I offer this for consideration: don't feel guilty if you'd rather be with your dog than another human. Just know you are on your way up the vibrational scale to love or above--perhaps even enlightenment!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I had an ugly confrontation a couple days ago with some neighbors over their kids playing in the street and hitting my vehicle with their ball. The ugliest came from one particular family who, of course, have been at the center of these kinds of issues in all the years they have lived in these apartments. 

I over-reacted--yep, partly as a result of letting these incidents build up and not dealing with and releasing them. Of course, this family embodies most of the poor-me, entitlement beliefs that are total hot buttons for me.

Do I need to mention 2016 is the Year of No Excuses for me? Things I haven't dealt with or say I want to change but have my own excuses for not doing are in my face!

Fortunately, during the incident the other day I soon realized it would be useless to try to talk to these parents. So I was picking up my toys to go home, as the saying goes. 

Unfortunately, by that time the parent was wound up, totally off in her own skewed drama, and belligerent. 

Fortunately, other parents and neighbors had gathered and were calm and reasonable. 

While there may be other "unfortunately's" to this story, I'm choosing instead to focus on the "fortunately's." 

I met the parent of a couple of the other boys, a former deputy in California who was great at diffusing situations. He took responsibility for his kids' actions and said it wouldn't happen again. Then we talked more deeply about parenting and beliefs and experiences. 

The next day, I talked to the apartment managers about the incident. We also talked more deeply about how people have different parenting styles and beliefs, and ways to allow those without having our own rights trampled.

This incident also triggered another round of unplanned purging for me, with physical symptoms that act like food poisoning. In the position of worshipping the ceramic idol in my bathroom, I'm pretty much open to any suggestions from my spirit guides to make it stop!

I received the gift of how to match my vibration to that of my doggies, which is absolute love. That vibration is amazing! I look at things differently and I feel open to allowing miracles from the Universe.

Another discussion today with the apartment managers ended up mostly talking about challenges we are all going through. I've known these managers for a number of years, but feel this incident triggered a deeper conversation with them. 

She also told me the belligerent neighbor had talked to her about another situation in their family but with no excuses. That's a huge step from this woman's poor-me tirade of just a couple days ago. 

I thanked the manager for listening to both me and her tenant. Though that may seem like a simple thing, it really is a great gift to offer others. 

The apartment manager also told me she and her husband felt moved to pray for me. Though our religious/spiritual beliefs are different, I was very appreciative they offered something to me of such deep value.

So what started out as an ugly incident has brought positive connections and deeper discussions. Opportunities to listen, to learn and to do things differently. 

A situation that proved the value of the saying, "when the @&!# hits the fan, plant flowers!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I'm still emerging from an unplanned purge--courtesy of something similar to food poisoning--that turned into a spiritual journey.

Know that I don't do anything "normal." So this spiritual journey took place lying on the cold tile of the bathroom floor, exhausted from little sleep and my last bout of worshipping the ceramic idol. I was begging my spirit guides to help me understand whatever thoughts, emotions, and past actions/events I needed to purge from body, mind and spirit to finish this lesson.

You might have guessed my spirit guides are not the stereotypical angelic beings with infinite patience for human antics. Oh, they have infinite patience, but they will also put a spiritual foot against my fanny and kick hard if I'm not seeing or doing what is best for me. 

I won't digress into our a very down-to-earth spiritual relationship right now because I don't want to lose the gift of a thought they gave me today: What if part of our reason for being on this Earth plane is to create beauty?

Seems simple, doesn't it? However, throughout  this lifetime I've been programmed to work hard, make due, and not waste anything. Beauty wasn't really a consideration.

I've moved away from that a bit by combining beauty and function in everyday items like buying coordinating bed linens and towels rather than whatever color is on sale. 

However, the idea that beauty isn't frivolous or wasteful, but is indeed a wonderful goal in itself really set me thinking today. I also realized beauty isn't just something we see, but the words we speak, the actions we take, and how we treat others. 

This idea is still new to me, but I want to explore and experience it further, by creating something beautiful every day--just because.