Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I'm still emerging from an unplanned purge--courtesy of something similar to food poisoning--that turned into a spiritual journey.

Know that I don't do anything "normal." So this spiritual journey took place lying on the cold tile of the bathroom floor, exhausted from little sleep and my last bout of worshipping the ceramic idol. I was begging my spirit guides to help me understand whatever thoughts, emotions, and past actions/events I needed to purge from body, mind and spirit to finish this lesson.

You might have guessed my spirit guides are not the stereotypical angelic beings with infinite patience for human antics. Oh, they have infinite patience, but they will also put a spiritual foot against my fanny and kick hard if I'm not seeing or doing what is best for me. 

I won't digress into our a very down-to-earth spiritual relationship right now because I don't want to lose the gift of a thought they gave me today: What if part of our reason for being on this Earth plane is to create beauty?

Seems simple, doesn't it? However, throughout  this lifetime I've been programmed to work hard, make due, and not waste anything. Beauty wasn't really a consideration.

I've moved away from that a bit by combining beauty and function in everyday items like buying coordinating bed linens and towels rather than whatever color is on sale. 

However, the idea that beauty isn't frivolous or wasteful, but is indeed a wonderful goal in itself really set me thinking today. I also realized beauty isn't just something we see, but the words we speak, the actions we take, and how we treat others. 

This idea is still new to me, but I want to explore and experience it further, by creating something beautiful every day--just because.

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