Sunday, September 20, 2015


We come first, right, Mom?

Rudeness has shifted my perspective on priorities--but perhaps not in the way it may seem...

I am in the wonderful position of working from home, surrounded by the unconditional love of my doggies, and choosing projects with select clients who share a mutual respect for our timelines and other commitments. 

In closing out a project with one of these clients and transferring the work to someone else, a third party landed in my little world unannounced and expecting me to drop everything else and bow to their demands RIGHT NOW! 

Hmm…not the way to gain my cooperation, especially when I had recently taken on some other projects that offered great opportunities--but, of course, involved more preparation and work.

Well, my monkeymind wrapped around this unpleasant encounter, fussing and stewing. I may be on the road to serenity, but I still stumble in potholes and sometimes fall flat on my face. 

This time I stumbled, but caught myself before face-planting in the muck of self-righteousness and drama. 

Instead, I asked my spirit guides what lesson I could learn from this. Working at the issue from that angle, my perspective shifted to one of the same lessons my beautiful Ebony Rose has been demonstrating for several months. 

I have brought eight beautiful furbabies into my home with the goal of moving us to acreage where we can build a sanctuary. HOWEVER, I don't have to wait until we move to have a sanctuary. Our city house is our current sanctuary. I just have to shift my perspective to live that.

That means sanctuary business comes first. Feeding, cleaning, grooming, playing, and everything else my dogs need as well as keeping our city sanctuary in beautiful repair. THEN other projects can be scheduled. Fortunately, my furbabies are wonderful at napping and give me a block of time every day when I can indulge in these other projects.

Along with this sharpened perspective is making myself a priority. Yes, I need to be fit and strong, eat well, take time to dream, and do things that boost my energy and fuel my creativity.

Seems simple in theory, doesn't it? I'm still working on practicing this every day--trying to dodge those potholes on the road to serenity. 

So this encounter with rudeness presented an opportunity for me set priorities--not to what someone else wanted but to what I want--with the permission of my doggies, of course!