Friday, April 24, 2015


I was listening to classic oldies tonight while I was working on a project. Those songs put me in a reflective mood. What did I believe when I was a teenager?

Most of all, I believed everything would be alright when I was an adult. I thought I would fall in love with a man who loved me, we'd get married and have kids, and have a happy life.

I didn't imagine any bad things happening. I didn't know my choices would be so wrong or that I would raise my sons by myself and feel such guilt that I didn't give them what I thought they needed. I didn't know the betrayals would be so deep or the pain would hurt so bad. I didn't foresee the direction my life would turn or have any idea the truth I discovered would be so different than what the people in my early years thought. 

I didn't realize the love I found would be pure and unconditional and come in the form of a small herd of doggies who needed a place to belong just like me. That a dream would be born of a sanctuary where every being would feel safe and loved and accepted. Where sunshiny days would stretch long and on rainy nights we would cuddle by a warm fire, secure in a knowing that angels are real and we are one with the Spirit who whispers through the trees and urges the flowers into bloom. 

Yes, everything will be alright, when I become the little child who still lives within me. Who still has dreams and believes. Who always believes.


  1. (((hugs))) for you and the pups. You'll get to your destination, I'm sure of it!

    1. But how to get to the destination? The path seems to take detours every day. 'Tis a wild and crazy time for someone like me with control freak tendencies. Did I mention I don't like roller coaster rides? LOL!

      Doggie kisses to you with a special "I love you" from Tucker!