Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July 6 is International Kissing Day...with a shiver of suspense (and puzzle piece #7)

The romance...

Shiloh loved Boston. Its history. Its quaint little shops. The mix and hustle of many different cultures. While she was growing up, her parents had kept a house because they thought they should. However, as soon as Shiloh went to college, her parents sold the house and moved into a condo near Massachusetts General Hospital where they both worked. 

The condo was beautiful in a sleek, modern way, with a wonderful view of trees curving along the water's edge and skyscrapers in the background. A few familiar photos lined the mantel of a gas fireplace, and some of the finer pieces of furniture came from their old house. 

However, the condo didn't cuddle her with handmade quilts or offer home baked cookies. It could have been any stranger's house, and Shiloh didn't want to be alone here. 

"Can you stay awhile?" Shiloh touched Jeremiah's forearm, and a flash of awareness shot up her arm. Danger of a different sort. 

Slowly, Jer set her bags down, his gaze never leaving hers. His eyes were dark chocolate. Decadent and tempting. A glow started in Shiloh's belly as Jer straightened. Caressed her cheek with his fingertips. Then his lips whispered over hers, nibbling across her bottom lip before testing her top lip with his tongue.


Shiloh sighed as her lips parted and she melted into Jeremiah's arms. All her fantasies from the airplane flight returned in vivid, breathing color. 

(Copyright Genie Gabriel, from Legacy Under Fire,

book 6 of the Bernie's Legacy series of romantic mysteries)

The suspense...

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