Thursday, July 22, 2021

Dogs are the beloved stars in the heavens of their humans


I'm an old dog now and my body doesn't always do what I want it to. Oh, I nap quite well--better than when I was a younger dog. But Momma has to help me up to get a drink of water or go into the yard to do my business. 

She says it's an honor to take care of me, but sometimes she cries and wishes I could live forever. I remind her that I will live forever. We all do. That we have been together since she was a little girl and even before that. Sometimes in physical form and sometimes in spirit. But humans can forget and get stuck in the sorrow.

That's when another doggie kiss can remind her I'm still around. Not to replace me or any other doggie she has loved, but to remind her not to forget The Dream. The dream that belongs to all of us--the doggies and humans who have loved for many life times.

Besides, she writes about us in books. Not just to remind herself of how much love we have shared, but to let other humans know their fur babies are always with them. We are the beloved stars in the heavens of our humans--and sometimes we spend physical life times hogging their beds!


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