Monday, December 29, 2014



I read something a couple days ago about choosing one word as the theme for the upcoming year instead of setting resolutions. The word that popped into my mind was "MOVE!"

It fit with what I want to accomplish--move my body, move the extra stuff out of my house, move my doggies and me to acreage. 

Of course, my doggie herd has an opinion on everything, and they thought one word wasn't enough of a motivator. So they came up with their own New Year's resolutions for me. Here are a few of them that fit with my one word:

--Get up from that computer more often and play with us!

--We want longer walks! That will help you move more, right?

--Get up earlier in the mornings and move yourself faster to fix our breakfast! 

Do your pets help write your New Year's resolutions? What are they?

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