Monday, December 8, 2014


This is too good to keep to myself...

AT 3:48 PM--yes, the time is important--friends with a pet sitting business called me. They had received a call from a young man who rescued a Husky from an abusive situation by convincing the owner to give up the dog. However, this young man's heart was bigger than his back yard and he couldn't keep the dog permanently, so was looking for a good home for this young dog.

We talked a bit about options to find a home for the dog, then I sent an email to the local animal shelter asking if they could give me the contact info for any Husky rescues in the area. The foster/rescue coordinator sent me an answer quickly and I forwarded that info to my friends.

In the meantime, my friends contacted the young man who had rescued the dog and received good news...

AT 5:27 PM--yes, about an hour and a half later--my friends called me back, saying the neighbors of this young man had noticed he had this dog, knew he couldn't keep a dog where he was, and had talked to him.

This couple had been on breeders' lists for two years looking for a dog exactly like this Husky. A deal was quickly agreed to, and the Husky rode off with her new owners, on the way to the pet store with a blank check.

Just a humbling thunderbolt from the Universe of how miracles can be orchestrated with perfect timing…