Thursday, July 31, 2014


I've listened to a lot of webinars about how to succeed and be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

These online presentations offer up many reasons for not succeeding: fear of failure, fear of success, childhood trauma, and many others. 

Yet I've not heard anyone address the realization I had today: being stuck on good enough.

My kitchen remodel is still moving forward, but has slowed considerably. All the basic items I need--stove, sink, refrigerator, cabinets--are installed and functioning. So I have been hit with a major case of "we can do that tomorrow." Um, yeah. As the saying goes, "Tomorrow never comes."

As I think deeper about this, I realize I do this a lot with projects. Something is almost finished and I am distracted by the next half dozen projects. Instead of finishing one project completely before moving on, I reach the good enough point and jump to something else. 

The real challenge is how to change this habit. I need a baby step by baby step program! But I'm going to check my e-mail now, so I'll think about it tomorrow...

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