Friday, August 15, 2014


My latest adopted dog, one-year-old Dasha, is still very much a puppy in attitude. She bounces like Tigger, playing with great exuberance. She searches out shoes and other articles of clothing and carries them around--usually not tearing them to pieces. 

But she also chews. Bones, toys, the occasional chair, and veggies. When I fix meals for my dogs, she sits patiently beside me waiting for samples. Those samples are usually veggies, including cucumbers from our backyard garden.

Well, this morning my dogs let me sleep really late, so of course breakfast was late. In the process of fixing their food and getting fresh water, I discovered Dasha was chewing on something. Hoping it was edible, I looked more closely and realized it was a cucumber!

She was obviously hungry because she ate the whole thing. Guess if my dogs could open the refrigerator door, I'd be out of a job as a doggie chef!


  1. Pippa loves carrots! She particularly likes to take a carrot peeling and prance around with it, then leave it in mom's chair. They have their own individual tastes, don't they? (And by the way, if Tucker claims he wasn't a chewer as an adolescent, don't believe him! We had to spackle the walls in the living room when he chewed them up while teething.)

  2. LOL, Barb! Tucker hasn't admitted or denied anything from his youth. :) He eats pretty much any fruit or vegetable when I'm preparing meals for the dogs, but hasn't picked his own yet like Dasha started doing. I love how their individual personalities come out more and more the longer we are together!