Sunday, May 19, 2013


Okay, those of you with big gardens may chuckle, and those who think they don't have room for a garden may take heart. 

I took one more step toward self-sufficiency today and planted my garden. Two tomato plants went into bigger pots (the beige ones), as did some mint (in the blue pot toward the back). And I bought marigolds as companion plants (smaller dark blue pots) to keep some of the insect pests away. 

Guess I have more city ways to unlearn than I thought, since I want instant gratification and not wait for seeds to sprout. Though I did plant beans and mixed gourds (including miniature pumpkins) that will climb up my grandson's twig teepee behind the pots. And this in addition to the blueberry, blackberry and raspberry plants I bought a couple weeks ago. 

Granted, not a huge gardening enterprise, but it puts me in gardening mode and the pots can go with the doggies and me when we move to our farm. 

Yet to plant: lettuce, short carrots and oregano--all in pots so those can also move with us. Loving dirt therapy!

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