Thursday, March 5, 2015


We celebrated my older son's birthday last night. He lives in another city and stopped to pick up a cake from a local store. Not just any cake. This store has the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted. That's saying something from a dessert-a-holic who was raised with from-scratch desserts and became the family's main baker in my early teens. 

After everyone had left my house, I wished I had kept an extra piece of that cake as I was wanting more of it. But my son had his own plans for the delicious dessert and had slipped the cake box into a bag to take home with him. 

Without the comfort of additional sugar, I was alone with my dogs and my thoughts once again. Thoughts about a really unpleasant experience with a neighbor earlier in the day. I had dealt with his harassment off and on for many years, but this time he had taunted my dogs to the point one of them tore up part of my fence to get to him. 

I spent hours and hours in conversation with my spirit guides of how to deal with this situation. They were not buying into any of my human solutions to turn the tables on this individual, and I didn't want to listen to their take-the-higher-road advice. 

Shortly after 4:00 a.m., I finally surrendered this situation to the Universe and went to bed. My beautiful doggies are very tolerant of allowing me to sleep in. I finally surfaced about noon when their quiet fussing and nose nudges pulled me fully awake. 

I dressed and took my doggies outside, patched up the fence and came back inside to start breakfast. Then my son called. "Mom, is the cake at your house?"

I thought it an odd question as I had seen him put it in a bag to take with him the night before. That's what I told him, but automatically took a glance around the dining room to be sure. 

"In the brown bag," he added. 

Well, I didn't see the brown bag either--until I took a better look. Not where I had seen the bag when he first put the cake box into it, but on top of one of my cabinets. 

The message from the Universe hit me like a 4x4 and I started laughing. "What you want is right in front of you but you're not seeing it."

Of course I had to explain the message and laughter to my son, as well as to assure him the cake might be missing another piece or two when he returned for a visit next week. 

And I am looking at my surroundings and inside myself more closely. Comparing what I want with what is already in my life. I have a new tool help me gauge if I'm on track with what I want to do in this life. The simple question, "What do I want that is right in front of me but I'm not seeing?"

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