Monday, June 1, 2015


I talked to my mom earlier, who mentioned a severe storm warning for the area south of them. The wind had picked up and they were bringing in lawn furniture so it didn't blow around. 

Though I was over 200 miles north of where the storm was supposed to hit, I fell easily into thinking how I should prepare for high winds and hail. 

I wanted to walk my dogs before any adverse weather might reach us, so I tried to hurry them past their usual sniffing spots. As I did so, my mind was occupied with thoughts of preparing for the worst. I had already taken down my hanging pots on the front porch. The garbage cans were tucked behind the fence. What else did I need to secure? And, oh yes, close the upstairs windows. 

Then a different thought occurred to me: Instead of preparing for the worst, how about preparing for the best?

I laughed at myself as my mind went blank for a few moments. It was an easy habit to prepare for a bad situation, but what about the best? 

Soon my mind was busy thinking in a much more positive direction. In my personal perfect world, what was the best that could happen?

I encourage anyone to try this. It was great fun for me and made me smile a lot!

P.S. As I'm writing this, we did get some thunder and lighting, as well as some very welcome rain. Nothing out of the ordinary for this part of Oregon. So I'm going to cuddle in bed with my doggies and hope continue that best situation in my dreams!

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