Saturday, July 25, 2015


As I was wrapping up my DIRT therapy session this morning, I realized I wasn't feeling the deep joy and satisfaction of previous days. 

Because my mind had been chasing Other People's Drama (OPD). 

Yes, I had allowed myself to get sucked into OPD the previous evening. Once they got things stirred up and disrupted several people's lives, they decided everything was going to be OK. They made no changes. Don't know if they even learned anything or realized they were reliving the same-old, same-old cycle.

I was disgusted with them, but mostly with myself for jumping into OPD. 

Obviously, I stewed about it overnight (in spite of sleeping fine) and still had OPD remnants this morning that lasted throughout my DIRT therapy. 

So I sat down on the ground and immediately felt the tension flowing out of me. Interestingly, this felt pretty much the same as when I'm offering Reiki to a person or a furbaby and they are pulling the Reiki very quickly. This gave me some insights into how Reiki works, but I won't go into that here. I really felt the desire to lay down, but didn't want to get mud in my hair. So I simply sat with my hands braced on the earth and let healing flow through me--and discovered a new facet of DIRT therapy. 

Guess what I thought at first were clods in my DIRT therapy actually turned out to be nuggets of wisdom. 

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