Saturday, August 13, 2016


Many years ago after my beloved Lady transitioned, we rented a house. Our apartment was nice, but I’m happiest in a house, preferably one I own. A rental was one step closer to having our own house again and space for a dog.

The dog showed up first. My parents found Duke wandering on the road on the Fourth of July. Mistreated, from the look of scars on his muzzle and his actions.

Another Collie and I fell in love instantly. After several months, my kids and I found another house to buy, built a fence, and brought Duke home with us.


  1. OMG! I thought you found a new collie until I read further and realized you were talking about Duke. Have a great day, and hug the pups for me! Barb

  2. Yikes! Guess you are my editor today. I knew what I was talking about but didn't make it clear. Added a few words that hopefully fixed that. (((HUGS))) and doggie kisses back at ya!