Friday, September 1, 2017


Yes, I'm still celebrating the release of the first book in The Collie Chronicles, MORE THAN JUST A DOG. I volunteered, fostered and worked at my local humane society. In addition, many of my own doggie herd came from a shelter or just needed a home. So organizations that help animals hold a very special place in my heart. 

What better way to say thank you than giving a gift to an animal-related organization that does the sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes rewarding-to-the-point-of-tears-and-cheers work of forging a better life for animals one adoption at a time? 

However, it's tough to choose just one deserving organization. So I had my doggie herd choose!

Along with a couple of my favorite animal shelters (Willamette Humane Society <> in Salem, Oregon and Greenhill Humane Society <> in Eugene, Oregon) the following animal-related organizations were entered in the drawing for a $100 donation from Quantum Canines:

--SPCA OF TEXAS <> for their assistance in helping pets after flooding in Houston, Texas related to Hurricane Harvey.

--ANI-CARE ANIMAL SHELTER <> in Ontario, OR for taking in 37 dogs (plus a litter of newborn puppies) from an Idaho hoarding case.

--EVERETT (Washington) ANIMAL SHELTER <> for sheltering a dog named Trouble--such a sweet soul--when his owner could no longer care for him.

--BEST FRIENDS SANCTUARY OF UTAH <> for their "Save them all" campaign and the work they do to make this a reality

--BRIGHTHAVEN <> in Santa Rosa, California for their use of Reiki energy healing and other natural methods in their work focusing on senior and disabled animals, as well as the many programs they offer.

---HOMESTEAD VETERINARY CLINIC/LAST CHANCE CLUB <> and the amazing Dr. Arlene Brooks, who performed miracle surgery for Batman, my second foster dog, who became one of my beloved furbabies. Dr. B has since performed hundreds of surgeries at cost for animal rescues and shelters.  

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