Monday, February 19, 2018


romantic mysteries
"A series that keeps you on the edge, 
wondering what will happen next... 
jaw-dropping, heart-stopping..." 
Book 1 of Bernie's Legacy Series
"...a work of art. This book grabs the reader's attention...and will not let go."

Marly O'Shea was determined to follow 
in her policeman father's long blue shadow.
But she doesn't like guns.

So she becomes a social worker. 
A fierce advocate for kids in a sometimes unfeeling bureaucracy.

The high profile baby-stealing case that could make or break her career
puts her at odds with her boss 
and with the handsome deputy sheriff determined to protect the child at all costs.
Marly and Dawson's conflict changes to teamwork
when crimes linked to the baby hit small-town Halo,
and they track an elusive villain who is supposed to be dead.

As Dawson is consumed with solving the crimes 
that threaten the citizens of his hometown,
Marly's life is shattered by a secret revealed during a heated argument.

With their personal and professional lives in shambles,
Marly and Dawson face the challenge of shaping these broken pieces 

into a picture perfect relationship.

an autographed copy of Picture Perfect Legacy
In your comment, just tell me what kind of dog
greets Dawson every night when he comes home
(excerpt below).
(U.S. only please)
On his way home, Dawson took his usual circuit through town, reassuring himself quiet reigned over the streets of Halo. Then he turned onto Gold Dust Drive toward the ranch he had called home since he was fifteen years old. 
As a low-slung house built of peeled pine logs came into view, a hound bayed. A dark shape loped up to the SUV as Dawson parked beside a bunkhouse converted to living quarters. He got out of the vehicle and rubbed the dog’s ears. “Hey, Tick.” 
The hound pranced across the snow-covered parking area ahead of Dawson, looking ungainly and graceful at the same time. His ears and feet seemed too big for his lanky black-speckled body, yet his loping strides gave the illusion of floating across the ground toward the main house. 
© Picture Perfect Legacy, by Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel

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