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Book 8 in Bernie's Legacy 
series of Romantic Mysteries
Posted by Genie Gabriel

The bad boy in a family of overachievers holds the key to why his adoptive dad was killed. But unlocking those childhood memories opens the door to destroying his entire family. 

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How would his life have been different if he had allowed Bernie to be his dad? A knot of fear formed in Thomas O'Shea's belly. He didn’t deserve a father or a real family. How often had his mother shrieked at him about how worthless he was? 

Thomas tumbled back in time to the four-year-old boy hiding in a closet watching Bernie O’Shea choke his mother. But she hadn’t died that night. She had been part of a cruel hoax to blackmail Bernie, with no one thinking of the consequences to a kid who might have experienced the nightmare. 

Now Thomas had a family who covered his back, and a woman who challenged his excuses. He vowed his path was going to be different. 

Without the filter of his adolescent anger, Thomas could see the love Bernie had for each of his kids–even him. And though Bernie tried to hide it, Thomas also saw the hurt and disappointment flicker in his eyes when Thomas pushed away Bernie’s efforts to show that love. 

“Too late to apologize now, Bernie, but I can help prove you didn’t kill my mother.” 

More than a chance to make up for his years of being the family’s bad boy, the future of Thomas’ family and the small town of Halo hinged on the outcome of this dramatic plan. 

Asked to leave her adoptive parents’ house when she was eighteen to make room for more adoptees, Jenny dreamed of college and a new life. These dreams were destroyed in a heartbeat when a drunk driver ran a stop sign and plowed into the passenger side of the car Jenny was driving.

“There’s no physical reason you can’t walk,” the doctors said after months of tests. Yet living her life in a wheelchair seemed small penance to pay for the guilt over her best friend’s death. 

Jenny became a zealous adoption search advocate known as The Wizard for her ability to leave no keystroke untouched to find biological families. 

Meeting Thomas O'Shea brought out Jenny's determination to walk again. Not just toddle around using walls or counters for assistance like a child learning to walk. But to stride across the middle of a room or down a sidewalk. Maybe even ride a motorcycle.

Sharing Thomas' journey to save his family, Jenny finds love and a new career hiding out in boarded up buildings and bringing the bad guys to their knees.  This grand adventure appealed to her desire to see justice done. In spite of the danger, she was excited about this new challenge and thought it might be rather exciting to be someone different with each assignment. 

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