Friday, July 19, 2019

A Quieter Display of Freedom

Since I have dogs with sensitive ears, the loud booms of fireworks are not my celebration of choice for this birthday month of the nation where I live. In a quieter pursuit, I searched the Internet for quotes about freedom. What I found was a fascinating array of thoughts from historical figures, fashion designers, rock musicians and, of course, authors, as well as many others. 
If you're curious, I invite you to do your own search for "freedom"–in quotations, definitions or your own words. And share what has special meaning for you on the Rogue Phoenix Press blog for a chance to win a FREE digital copy of one of my romantic suspense novels, CHASING THE LEGACY. (Or just leave a comment with your email address to be contacted if you are a winner.)
Chasing the Legacy
The contest runs through midnight PDT on Sunday, July 21.
In this romantic adventure, 
a newspaper reporter 
with a penchant for flashy shoes 
uncovers an explosive story 
that could shatter lives 
and defuse her budding love 
with a soft-spoken bomb tech.

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