Wednesday, June 17, 2020


solstice[ sol-stis, sohl- ]
1- Astronomy. Summer solstice: 
this year on June 20, 2020 
when the sun reaches its northernmost point 
on the celestial sphere...

2 - a turning point.

Book 4 of the Bernie's Legacy Series
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Excerpt from Chasing the Legacy

Layla tossed the stick across the green expanse of lawn beside Waring House. The raggedy but clean brown dog dashed after it, brought it back and dropped it at Layla's feet. Then sat and cocked her head expectantly. With a soft laugh, Layla tore off another chunk of the sandwich and fed it to Solstice, then threw the stick again. 

In the few days the dog had been with Layla, they had relaxed into an easy companionship of finishing the set-up Layla's print shop area interspersed with frequent play breaks. 

And Layla had come up with a name for the dog: Solstice. 

During one of their play breaks, Beth arrived. "You have a dog!" 

Beth's warm voice and delighted smile brought the brown mixed breed dog waggling cautiously toward her. 

A hitch developed in Layla's breathing as she stared at Beth's belly. Where her pregnancy would soon start to show. "She adopted me when we were in Baker City. I named her Solstice." 

"As in summer solstice?" 

"As in a turning point. She didn't have a home and I haven't had a dog in awhile. Thought it was a good deal for both of us."

Copyright Genie Gabriel

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