Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Angel Batzy sez, "I'll be back!"


from Angel Batzy...

I crossed the Rainbow Bridge last summer--June 30 if you ask my human mom. She remembers and felt me cross, though I chose a time when she wasn't home. Know why? Because our physical connection was so strong that her energy, through the touch of her hands, would have kept me on Earth. And my physical body was worn out. Just shot.

I'm ready to go back to the physical plane, but she's doesn't think she is ready. She's too overwhelmed. But she feels me with her in spirit, and she sees my face in pictures of other dogs looking for their furever family. She wants me to come back, but she's also afraid. 

Aren't humans silly? Wanting something but afraid to receive it. "Oh, I'm fine this way," they might say. Or "someone else needs it more than me." As if there's not enough for everyone. And my human should know there IS ENOUGH! She has seen the power of the Universe. Has experienced miracles through us, her furry loved ones. Still she doubts the power--the power available to her and every human. Like having electricity and not turning on the lights when it's dark. Can you imagine that?

I'll probably have to do something dramatic to get her attention. Like dig under her fence and just show up on the back deck. (Doggy laugh.) I used to dig under the fence into the neighbor's yard to chase those darn cats who would yowl and fight. My mom would sneak over the fence to rescue me, muttering angry words she didn't really mean. Because she always came to get me, you know, and she wouldn't have come after me if she didn't love me. 

Yep, I'll be back, and she will be so glad to see me, though she might mutter and worry about things that don't really matter. Silly humans.

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