Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Is Your Pet Ready for an Emergency?


Last year, my area in Oregon was hit with wildfires during the summer and an ice storm with extended power outages as winter's last hurrah. Fortunately, the wildfires turned about 20 miles to the east of us and our power was restored after 32 hours. We were luckier than many. 

Amid the disruption of human lives were the stories of pets. Owners seeking shelter with their animals found sanctuary at the fairgrounds. Local shelters stepped up to take in lost pets and help reunite them with their families. 

The need to be prepared to leave our homes at a moment's notice or survive without heat or power became a reality in the normally sheltered lives of many. 

However, major disasters aren't all I prepare for. If one of my doggies gets sick in the middle of the night, I want to know how to handle most things without trying to find an emergency veterinarian clinic that's open. So I have basic first aid supplies on hand for pets as well as humans. I'm also becoming an herbalist so I have the knowledge and herbs to treat my dogs naturally, if possible. 

What's your comfort level in being prepared for emergencies? Here's a link to an article and checklist in the Canine Journal that may help you decide what supplies to have on hand and what preparations can best help yourself and your pets in an emergency. You can also check other online sites for tips on how to prepare for possible disasters or just to make day-to-day living easier.


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