Thursday, September 9, 2021

Teddy bears and mysteries...

 It started with the law-bear...

Spurred on by the abuse that happened to Norah, Phoenix immersed herself in the work of the domestic violence shelter. And there was always plenty of work to keep her from returning to the farm until late each night. She didn't want to face the teddy bear in a suit that CJ had given her, yet she didn't want to move the stuffed bear from her bedside table either. Her ambiguity about the bear reflected her mixed up feelings of wanting to make love with CJ again but not wanting him in her life. 

As their love grew, so did the collection of teddy bears...

Over the next few days, the collection of teddy bears on Phoenix's nightstand multiplied. When she laughed and said she needed a bigger nightstand, CJ showed up with a wide shelf and installed it for her. Then he brought a little tree house and added it to the shelf. 

And the citizens of Halo discovered the last piece of the puzzle of why Bernie died.


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