Saturday, February 21, 2015


What if your pet was more than a dog? 

What if this furry companion was an angel? A savior? A spark of the very Source of life itself?

Would you yell at this being? Would you kick at them when you were angry or yank their leash impatiently when they stopped to smell at a bush?

Would you dump them at the shelter when they grew old? Or you thought you couldn't afford to feed them? Or when you were tired of muddy pawprints or hair on the furniture--where they weren't supposed to be anyway? 

Or would you treat them with utmost respect and love? Provide nourishing food. Groom them with love. Snuggle them next to you on your pillow at night where they could stretch out on your softest blanket.

Would you care for them gently when they were sick, and play with them when they nudged your arm? 

Would you take joy in every moment you shared, treasuring it because you knew dogs didn't stay on this Earth as long as humans, and too soon you would mourn when they crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

Because your pet is more than a dog.

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