Friday, December 2, 2016


In spite of fears my heart would be torn into pieces, I finally gathered the courage to volunteer at the local humane society where we adopted Ace…There is good reason volunteers aren’t allowed to adopt for a certain time after they start. The temptation to “save” animals is strong. I proudly made it past the allotted waiting time without begging to adopt any canine friends.

Then Duncan caught my attention. When he first came in, this Collie/Shepherd mix seemed aloof but with eyes that mesmerized me. (Yes, I see the same situation that brought Ace into my life.) I figured Duncan would be adopted quickly. It took me four months to realize he was there for me. By then he had become the “old-timer” at the shelter–the dog who had been there the longest. My special cases. And he came home with me.

(Excerpted from I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog, by Genie Gabriel)

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