Thursday, December 8, 2016


These words of wisdom from my Duncan came several years before Hudson’s passing and serve as a reminder to me that we are surrounded by higher beings who love us and guide us, but also give us free will. We are not alone in what many times seems like a chaotic world, but we also determine what happens in our personal sphere of influence. By changing our thoughts and our focus, we can shift what manifests in our physical world.

Sound unbelievable? Why not give it a try? What do you have to lose except worry, stress and chaos?
~ Wisdom from Duncan ~
The time of four-leggeds on this physical plane is less than the two-leggeds we have come to teach. So do not use the passing of my physical body as another excuse to punish yourself. See this passing, instead, as another experience. 
You have the knowledge and the memories of what brought you to this lifetime. So you also have the knowledge and wisdom to choose another route. You can choose a different life. You can manifest the serenity and comfort and love you say you want. If only you choose it. A life of ease, creativity and comfort may be uncomfortable at first. Like forming new habits, the path to abundance may feel strange. You have experienced thousands of Earth years of suffering.
Give this new way of being time to settle into the bones of your physical body and become a gentle habit. Let the past fall away in the gentleness of a new way of being. Don’t feel you have to share this new feeling with anyone else just yet. It’s okay to cradle this in your heart until it grows from tender seedling to strong, healthy tree. Enjoy the newness. Feel the growth and strength. But know there will come a time–and soon–when you will be asked to share your message with the world. For others need to hear these words of hope and encouragement.

Others need to know it is possible to drop away what no longer serves them and open to the new reality forming so quickly around us. Indeed, that we are bringing into reality.
(Excerpted from I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog, by Genie Gabriel)

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