Friday, January 20, 2017


Our latest fence features two rows of concrete block at
the bottom reinforced with rebar and filled with concrete.
My Batman is a Jack Russell Terrier-Pitbull mix. He sees fences as a challenge to go over, under or through. Once he spots prey—cat or possum or occasionally a nasty neighbor—refocusing his attention is a challenge. In his early years, he climbed from a stack of wood and jumped over the fence. Several times he dug under the fence to get to the cats fighting in the neighbor’s yard. Once he even clawed away a concrete block and ripped off a fence board to get a nasty neighbor who was taunting him. 

Each time he escaped, I’d make a frantic run through the neighborhood searching for him. He never went far—unless I was chasing him. Then he’d glance back to make sure I was close by. If I turned around and went home, he’d show up soon afterward. 

After he was safely home, I’d patch up the fence again and shove more bricks and blocks underneath. Over time, we seemed to find the right combination for a Batman-proof fence: six feet high with concrete blocks buried into the ground at the bottom.

Of course, he’s ten years old now and more interested in getting an extra snack than cruising the neighborhood. Thank goodness! 

If you have a furry escape artist, you have my empathy. And I’m curious—to what lengths did you go to keep your escapee fenced in?

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