Monday, January 2, 2017


GV: Batman is now the senior dog in my household—the dog who has been with me the longest. He has a special place in my heart, as do all my furbabies but for different reasons. 

Batman: Why don’t you let me talk, Mom?

GV: He’s telling me I’ve been hogging the blog posts. And since I wrote the first two sentences and wasn’t sure where to take this blog post from there, I’m going to let Batman take over.  

Batman: I got here when Mom was just learning to talk to dogs. She didn’t know much, but we taught her. She didn’t know about multiple dog households—well, a bit. But she didn’t realize it was as easy to take care of six dogs as it was to take care of three. I mean, we did all the work, right? She had older dogs who bossed us youngsters around. No playing in the house! Eat all your dinner—as if we needed anyone to tell us that. Don’t get mud on the floors! 

Coming here was the happiest day of my life. I don’t think Mom realizes how happy I was when she finally listened to me and made the adoption official. I mean, how slow can a human be sometimes? Sheesh! She didn’t realize how much we needed each other. I needed her and a home. She needed me—she needed all of us. She was hurting, and we helped take away that hurt. How can you have time to hurt with six or eight or nine dogs running in and out of the house? I mean, come on! You barely have time to feed us breakfast before it’s time for another meal. Mom did good though. She loved us and encouraged us and helped us learn how to live with humans. Then her heart broke when some of the others went back to the shelter. I hate to see her cry. But she does it a lot about us. When we hurt or when we die or when we leave. She cries. I wish she would realize how much good she has done and quit beating herself up for what she sees as failures. They aren’t failures. Sometimes the world just sucks. And sometimes it’s time for us to go home. We’ve finished our lessons with people and we get to go Home. 

Just like your dog came here for you, we came for her. Love us. Learn from us. And let us go when our time here is done. Cry if you must, but know we’re never really gone. We’ll always be in your heart. We’ll always be just a whisper away if you want us. If you learn to talk to us like Mom can. And our hearts will always beat with yours. Two beings so much in sync it sometimes seems like we are one. That’s not just for humans, you know. 

GV: I did edit this post slightly—as Batman told me I would do—because some of this was a message just for me. But I hope whoever needs to read this message realizes Batman speaks for so many other furbabies who share their lives with humans. 

Batman: Love you.

GV: Love you too, baby.

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