Tuesday, February 7, 2017


One thing I learned quickly after animals began talking to me is names are very important. Dogs become their names. If people call them something uncomplimentary or something humans think is funny but in an unkind way, that is what the dog becomes. 
When dogs come home with me, I let them decide whether they want to keep the name they had been assigned at the shelter or had with a previous family or if they want a new name. 
For example, Sophie remained Sophie. My Cocker Spaniel needed a total break from previous experiences and became Rascal. Stewart was renamed Goliath when he was dumped at the shelter. With his next adoption he became Walter. Other adopters called him something else. However, I already had a dog named Goliath and in my mind he became Stewart before I even adopted him. 

The name Ebony Rose represents a beautiful spirit who still struggles with dark experiences and behaviors that don’t serve her best interests–much like me. 
So please be thoughtful as you and your dog consider names. Try one on. Ask your dog what they think. Ask what they would like to become, and choose wisely, with love and compassion.


  1. Good topic, Genene. I think Ebony Rose was such a beautiful name that embodies her noble spirit.

    I think carefully about my dog's names. One was named "Pearl" by the animal shelter, because she was sweet and subdued. But she was that way because she was sick, and when she got better I renamed her Cricket, because she was bouncy and happy. Pippa's original name was Lacey at the rescue. She was frightened at first and so very quiet. But she is another bouncy dog and filled with joy. Pippa seemed to fit that more than Lacey. Tucker was named because his litter name was Tank, and I hated it. They made fun of how big he was, and I didn't like the violent connotation of the name--like a big brute. He already knew his litter name, so I looked for something with a "T" sound that was more suiting of his happy, loyal personality. Is he still Tucker to you, or did you find another name that he liked better?

    Hugs to all the pups from me.


  2. So good to hear from you, Barb! Tucker is the perfect name for a sweet, happy, perfect doggie spirit! It embodies the love and goodness you and he shared, and that he continues to carry in his heart. I love that your furbabies became bouncy and happy in your home! How is Pippa doing? (((HUGS))) and big, sloppy doggie kisses back to you!

  3. Pippa's body is failing, but her spirit is just as indominable as ever. She is a happy dog, and it's sad for us to see the physical problems. She has some trouble breathing, but is on an anti-inflammatory to help keep her throat open enough to get oxygen in. She sends hugs to you, too.

  4. A challenging time for all of you. I will continue to send positive energy, and will take doggie hugs anytime she has some to spare. :)