Monday, February 27, 2017


Some days, like today as I write this, the pain is as fresh as the day Ebony Rose passed five months ago. Sometimes it is an ache when we can't snuggle up to fall asleep. Other days I simply smile at our memories.

One ear up, one folded over. Her white toes. A silly grin. A happy dance with a spin when I pulled out the walking leash.

All tangled up with those memories are the feelings of our struggles and my failures as well as the times she frolicked with delight when we walked and how deeply connected we have been for many lifetimes.

She pushed me and challenged me and brought me deep lessons and loved me and tried to protect me--even from things that held no real threat except to her being my only dog.

And now she waits for us to move to our "self-sufficient sanctuary with elegant and edible landscaping," where she can rejoin us as a puppy. A fresh start. A new beginning. Our dream becoming a reality.


  1. I hope you find your sanctuary soon. It is so visible in your imagination, and now it is time to make it reality!

    Sending hugs,
    Barb & Pippa

    1. Hi, Barb! We are actively working with a real estate broker now--if we'd just quit finding things on the current house that need to be fixed! (((HUGS))) and doggie kisses back to you!