Sunday, July 9, 2017


Saturday was a major grooming day for Tucker. After a couple weeks of summer weather, he is seriously shedding that woolly Collie undercoat--with my help. We usually do this in stages. Though Tucker is one of the sweetest and most patient dogs I've ever been around, he will only tolerate me grooming him for so long before he says that's enough!

We've done a couple other grooming sessions over the past few weeks and removed enough fur for a herd of Chihuahuas. However, yesterday Tucker knew I was focused on getting rid of excess fur and finding any trouble spots on his skin.

I don't use chemical flea treatments on my dogs. However, using natural repellants to keep insect critters off my dogs does take more time and attention. If I'm not vigilant, we'll be fine one day and the next seem overrun with the wee beasties. 

Over several hours, I brushed out the majority of Tucker's undercoat--enough for several dozen Chihuahuas this time! We took a break for dinner, then into the bathtub for the shampoo and rinse. 

When his fur dried, he was still fluffy, but seemed thinner. Wish I could look thinner just by having my hair trimmed and styled! 

Not from Tucker, but
from a grooming session
with my Cocker Spaniel.
~ Brushing can be fun! Especially in the butt area. :)
~ We don't mind if you forget to clean the ears. 
~ Ditto with nail trimming. 
~ Well, maybe a little if you tell me again what a good boy I am or how smart I am or what good kisses I give. 
~ In the bathtub? With water? Shouldn't water be in puddles or mixed with dirt?

~ Always finish a grooming session with tummy rubs or, even better, a full-body massage!

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