Sunday, November 22, 2020

Howling Timekeepers


Why do I need a timekeeper? you might ask.

Well, because I have a tendency to try to squeeze 

"one more thing" into my schedule 

before I need to leave for an appointment. 

Or, even worse, 

before doggie meal times and snacks. 

So at least one of my doggie herd

has the role of timekeeper 

to start nagging me 

when meal time is getting close. 

Hudson excelled at this. 

He also excelled at howling, 

a tradition my doggie herd has continued. 

Occasionally when I pull into the driveway, 

I hear the howls begin as one by one, 

my doggies join in. 

I just stand and smile, 

enjoying my welcome home chorus.


A humorous look at a fictional world 

where dogs are in charge 

and humans do their bidding. 

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