Sunday, May 1, 2016


Photos of me are over 60 years old
and grainy, so this guy is a stand-in--
just like in the movies!

I was just a puppy when I joined my family. They lived on acres of land with trees and grass to romp through. And kids! My connection to the little girl was special. When I grew up, she was still a toddler. She laid her head on my belly and I curled around her; protecting her from those who arrived in noisy, smelly cars. 

I stayed outside, but I had thick Collie fur to keep me warm in the winter and a blanket in the woodshed attached to the house. In the summer when the door was open, I sometimes laid down with my paws on the threshold of the door and watched my family inside the house.

It appeared to be an idyllic life…

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