Thursday, May 12, 2016


Not Lassie, but my own sweet,
beautiful Collie
Perhaps the most famous Collie of recent times is Lassie from the TV show that started in the 1950s. When I’m out with my rough-coated Collie, I still hear comments from people who say, “There’s Lassie!”

Growing up, my family had TV sporadically, so I only remember the Timmy and Lassie years. However, entries about Lassie on Wikipedia <> give a listing of the many changes in the seventeen-year run of the series on TV. (I usually hesitate to cite Wikipedia as a source, but this gives a good summary.)

In addition to the boy and his dog years, the TV Lassie spent time with U.S. Forest Service Rangers, then a year traveling on her own before settling at a children’s home the last two seasons. Interesting reading if you didn’t follow the TV series through its entire time. The human cast changed many times, and a half dozen Collies (all descendants of the original) played Lassie. 

Lassie is cited as the fourth longest running prime time TV series, and Lassie has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—one of only a handful of animal actors to receive that honor. 

My Collie isn’t Lassie, but certainly seems to represent our culture’s love affair with these beautiful and sweet-tempered dogs.

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